Bridal Boot Camp Story – 10 lbs lost!

Breaking plateaus and celebrating!

Week 10, where as the time gone? Week 10 marks many successes. I got back into the 140’s (and not 149.9, LOL). I also achieved the 10 pound weight loss marker! Two very exciting things that I can celebrate. I’ve started to really see bootcamp as a fun thing, too. Instead of thinking of it as something I have to do to reach my goals, I am looking forward to it and having fun in the classes.

Losing weight with holiday and social parties

I survived Thanksgiving, 2 baby showers last weekend, and have several more nutrition hurdles to be cautious of. My mom’s birthday, 2 Christmas parties and another baby shower, Christmas with two families, and New Years. YIKES! It just means I have to be smart all the time about my choices and not skip a workout. I keep my eyes on that wedding dress. It comes in February and I know it will be perfect.

My favorite holiday dish

Surviving the holidays without gaining weight can be challenging but the trick is to enjoy foods that are both festive and healthy. I found this great recipe for stuffing that I made for Thanksgiving. I’m going to make this delicious dish again for Christmas – it’s really good! It’s made of Soofoo (blend of brown rice, lentils, oats, barley, rye berries, wheat berries, & buckwheat – this has 5 g of protein) cooked in low sodium broth; carrots, celery, mushrooms and onions (chopped small and sauteed in olive oil spray); lemon juce and rice vinegar to season. It’s tasty, low fat and nutritious unlike traditional stuffing with all that bread in it. What recipes have you found to make the holidays more fit-friendly? I would love to hear from you. It helps me stay accountable knowing that you are reading about my journey. So leave a comment and let me know you’re listening. — Nikki

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