Hi! I’m Nikki.

I’m 29 year old writer and social media professional and I’m SUPER excited to be getting married in 6 months! I’m busy planning the wedding and want my day to be perfect, but… I’ve put on some weight this year that I’m ready to shed. I’m shedding for the wedding and determined to be the most fit bride ever.

So, I’ve joined Bootique Fitness to help me shed weight and get in the best shape ever! I do best when I have people to hold me accountable, so I like that the Bootique Fitness staff expect me to come to class 3 times a week. I also do well when I’m around others who are trying to get fit to. I’ve agreed to record and share my journey so that I might inspire others as well!

Each week, I’ll make a video for you, share my ups and downs, and what keeps me from skipping out on my workouts!

Hopefully this journey will inspire you to finally make that lifestyle change you’ve been thinking about too. It is never too soon and it is never too late to get in shape!


I’ve always been active but…

I have always been active and love to exercise (especially, dance!). As a kid I didn’t really have to watch my weight. In high school I was a strict vegetarian, and didn’t really have to focus much on weight loss. In college, I started to put on weight when I hit the “party” scene. All those booze calories really added up! However, my main weakness has most recently been sweets. Yikes! I really have to focus not just on the activity and workouts, but the healthy eating as well. I will also be including some of my nutrition diary for you to see what I am eating.

I’ve lost weight before, but I couldn’t keep it off

While I’ve lost weight in the past, it seems to always creep back up because the changes I made weren’t sustainable life changes. When my fiancee Erick popped the question in late August, my mind immediately went to how to get fit for the wedding. I don’t want to be disappointed with how I look in my dress, so I decided not only to lose weight, but to lose weight and get fit in a way that I can maintain for life. I don’t want to be just a thin bride, but a thin wife! So I decided to start tracking my food again, but leave in some of the indulgences so that I don’t just go crazy once I taste those things again. I also decided to start boot camp at Bootique fitness. Sacrificing 45 minutes 3 times each week is not really that big of deal. And as long as I get to do Zumba as part of my cardio routine a few times a week I can take the 5 times a week cardio plan.

Goal Setting for the Big Day

My wedding date is April 27, 2012. That means I have approximately 6 months to whip this booty into shape! My goals include losing 15 pounds, and being able to wear some of my smaller sized clothing again. Another goal is to finally stick to a plan (sometimes that is the hardest part!) Weekly check-ins and weigh-ins will keep be accountable to this for sure! My goal is to lose on average 1 pound per week. Slow and steady, to be the most healthy. My daily calorie goal will be 1500 calories so that I am not dipping too low.

Follow my bridal fitness journey

Each week, you’ll find a new video from me on Bootique Fitness’ website. For daily updates and inspiration, follow me on Twitter (SDFitnessNikki). You’re welcome to send me messages to help me stay motivated!