Creatively managing to do boot camp workouts

Week 8 brings many things to be thankful for! Family, friends, health, and of course the great workouts from Bootique Fitness. Due to the holiday and family in town, it was more difficult for me to get to bootcamp. I ended up taking some of the exercises we do in bootcamp and doing them on my own on Monday and Wednesday. I did 10 different exercises on Monday and Wednesday, including pushups, burpees, step-ups, plank, jump lunges, high knees, dips, frog hops, sinking boats, and wake boarders. I did four rounds of these exercises. My workout ended up being about 30 minutes both days. I realized that while I was able to get a workout in, when I go to bootcamp, Jaylin just pushes me to the next level. I find it hard to push myself as hard as I can actually workout! I’ll work on that for sure in the coming weeks.

Surviving Thanksgiving Day

Who wants to hear about all the bad things I ate? Just kidding. I was not too bad, really. I read both Bootique fitness articles about avoiding weight gain during the holidays and I used a lot of their tips. I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving and I avoided tasting my food as I was preparing by chewing gum. I prepared a healthy stuffing with a brown rice, barley, and lentil blend (Soofoo), instead of bread. It was tasty. My dad refused to taste it because it was “healthy”! I skipped the pie and went for 2 pumpkin cookies instead (much less calories and still tasty). I didn’t even touch the egg nog. Second thanksgiving with my fiancee’s family (on Friday) was a little more difficult because they had a ton of fancy cheese. But again, I skipped the pie so I could indulge in a little cheese. I continue on and will be reporting weight loss / body fat and inches statistics next week marking month 2 end. Losing weight during the holidays doesn’t have to be a drag, and I’m finding it isn’t. As long as I keep my workouts with Bootique Fitness and my cardio workouts consistent and eat more healthy more often than not… I’m good. Anyone else getting married soon and want to join me?