3 Month End Benchpoint

Things are shaping up quite nicely on the way to my big day. Wedding plans solidifying, out of town family buying their plane tickets, and my body is getting fit and ready!

Lost 2% more bodyfat

We remeasured, and it was a consistent 1/2 inch loss from most areas. I lost 2% bodyfat this month, bringing me down to 23%. My goal is to get to 21% by my wedding. I’m only about 5 lbs away from my weight goal too. Wow! 4 months to go and I’m almost there already! Of course the December month was not easy. I had more than one social event each weekend, each filled with tempting foods and sweets (my weakness). I did pretty well but managed to have great fun all month too. I wanted to attend more bootcamp classes than in previous months, but I ended up pretty much at 3X per week still. I had some fun mid-month when my friend Irene tried bootcamp! It’s fun to get friends involved! Hopefully I can include more of my friends in future workouts.

Still planning ahead

I have a few more obstacles coming my way…. New Years Eve, my 30th birthday (yikes!), Valentines day…. Then it should be smooth sailing until my wedding where I will feel my absolute best, thanks to Bootique Fitness! Happy holidays from the crazy bridal bootcamp gal! – Nikki