Celebrating the new year with 3 Boot Camp workouts

Ringing in the new year nicely with three solid workouts at Bootique Fitness! What a nice way to start the year. While workouts remained consistent throughout the holiday season, little salty crunchy things called tortilla chips tempted me on New Years. Normally, I count out 5-8 chips and stick to that. Unfortunately I didn’t use that tactic on the last day of 2011. But that didn’t mean I was going to slip up MORE than that. I ordered a salad with boiled chicken and limited the champagne intake. However, I warn you salt fiends… Its tough not to crave it once you allow a little into your life. This week has been all about battling cravings. On the up side, the hot weather allowed me to wear shorts all week and I fit into EVERYTHING. It was super exciting since I didn’t get to wear any cute summer clothes in 2011 due to annoying weight gain. Another upside is that kumquats are back in season. These are super healthy tasty snacks. A great thing to replace evil chips with.

Wedding planning is going well…. SORT of.

I’m super behind and if I didn’t have my lovely sister, Ali, to keep me on track I might end up with a huge mess where nothing is actually planned except the wardrobe. LOL.

Loving boot camp…

and loving my cardio routine, but know I need to step something up. I think I need to step up my “bringing a friend to bootcamp” challenge. It’s been fun having Irene and Kim come to bootcamp with me. I want to have more of you see what its all about. Its GREAT, you’ll get addicted. I am. So, want to try it out with me? Just leave a comment below for Jaylin to contact you or call her at 619.602.8087 to try the boot camp that is getting me into the best shape ever!