Hit the 15 pound weight loss mark from boot camp

Hey folks!! Had a great week, feeling great and getting compliments on my weight-loss! This week I jumped right back into my workouts and had success on the scale too! hit the 15 pound weight-loss mark and I’m getting into some of my smallest clothing. I had a fun day on Saturday trying on every single pair of pants I own. All fit except for 1 pair. Woohoo!

Planning ahead to stay on track for my goals

Didn’t have an overly tempting week (aside from my fiancee putting cheese bread in my face while I filmed my video). It was a BUSY week though. Starting a new job and tying up loose ends on all my projects took up most of my time. I had to really focus to get things organized too. Now I am organized and feeling ready for the next challenges: Valetines Day and working 4 days a week. I’ll have to really plan ahead when I’m working so that I dont get tempted…. My job for February and March is working for Borghese cosmetics/skincare inside of 4 different COSTCO stores. I will have to avoid all those greasy samples. Just think of how many calories are in each sample!!?? Wish me luck. Cheers bootcampers!!! – Nikki