Bridal Boot Camper Is Getting Married In 2 Months!


Less than two months until my wedding!

It’s really getting down to the wire. I have approximately 1 month until my alterations appointment. That means, I have 1 month to get to the weight I’d like to stay and maintain until the wedding! I am already really close. (yay!)

I don’t want to get to an unrealistic or unhealthy weight for maintenance. Throughout this whole process, I have been in the mindset that everything I do needs to be something I am comfortable with keeping as a lifestyle change. After 5 months of San Diego boot camp, I am pretty used to the idea of strength training now and I’m confident I can continue to do my boot camp workouts to keep these great results and get even stronger. I know that its essential to keep lean muscle in order to keep my physique. Muscle requires more calories than fat, too, which makes it an obvious lifestyle choice.

I’m not eating in black and white anymore

I am also happy that I have learned to eat in a moderately healthy way. What I mean is, I used to look at it in black and white terms. When I was dieting, I wouldn’t even eat from a restaurant’s low calorie menu if the sodium was too high. I wouldn’t dare touch a dessert. On the other hand, when I wasn’t trying to lose weight, I’d eat dessert every day and drink frappucinos. Neither of these scenarios are realistic long-term.

In the past 5 months I’ve learned from Ed, the Bootique Fitness Chef, about incorporating more protein and I’ve really put that information to use. I have also allowed myself to indulge in my own personal need for certain things – like when I crave something that isn’t exactly healthy… I decide in advance what indulgence I’ll have and only have half. I craved a powdered donut once last month. I cut it in half and left the uneaten half for someone else.

These situations give me confidence that I can choose and stick to my self control. My personality needs little things here and there, and knowing that about myself has really helped too. I don’t think I knew that before this experience.

Not letting work interfere with working out

Now, I’ve been working for two weeks. Full time jobs are no joke! They take up a lot of time! But I am still on track with my workouts and my nutrition. I haven’t let it get the best of me yet. It has hurt my housekeeping skills somewhat though!! I have the next few days off to relax, and recharge for another fun week of Bootique Fitness boot camp. I plan to attend Scripps both Wednesday and Friday, and Mission Bay on Saturday. I hope you can join me!

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

– Nikki

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