Boot Camp Bride Stays Focused By Celebrating Great Results

I fit into my skinny jeans!

I am loving my new size. All my really small size clothes fit (on bottom). The only things not really fitting correctly are my suit jackets (not like I wear them much, anyway). My new muscular shoulders are a little big for the jackets. I don’t mind. My lean and tone shoulders will get to make an appearance at my wedding!

I have to plan my boot camp workouts better

I feel a bit disappointed that I was only able to get to Bootique Fitness boot camp on Saturday. I should have planned this week better instead of realizing on Wednesday and Friday that traffic was going to be too awful and I wouldn’t make it from Carlsbad to Scripps Ranch boot camp in time. Ughh! San Diego traffic between 5 and 6 pm is pretty horrendous. Anyway, I am going plan ahead to fix my routine this week. I will map each week out individually on Sunday night so I know where I am going each day to ensure I get my Bootique boot camps in! I did have good workouts alone (using their online videos), but I really missed the trainers at Bootique. Next week works out perfectly for Wednesday and Friday at Scripps Ranch. I just have to decide on a third day that I can make work somehow. It’ll happen!

Dealing with cravings

I’ve been craving a lot of sweets lately… I wonder if it has anything to do with stress? I don’t feel stressed out, but I know wedding planning is stressful and each person ‘stresses’ differently. I know that I can focus on my results and that will help me keep the sweets to a minimum. I’ll also focus on knowing that my dress fitting needs to be done in only a few weeks. Then I can focus on maintaining until the big day.

The big day

April 27th! It seemed so far away when I started with Bootique Fitness. Its amazing what a few months can do! I hope other brides are encouraged to start bootcamp. Take it one day at a time, don’t give up, and just keep going! The days will pass anyway, you might as well be working towards a new fit body for yourself! Thanks for your continued support and encouragement! – Nikki

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