The challenge continues

This week proved to be a little more challenging in that I was super sore and tired. I did get my workouts completed, including bootcamp, yoga, and cardio. However on Thursday and Friday I left my cardio session after just 30 minutes. I was a little bummed because I didn’t get to burn as many calories but at least I did something.

Change of routine

Changing from the morning boot camps in Hillcrest to the evening boot camps in Scripps Ranch with Sarah has been great! I’m normally a “get it over with” type person when it comes to workouts, so its great to change it up a bit. It also reduces the chance that I will start back with my snacking at night routine! It also makes me able to go to sleep more easily!

Tips from the Bootique Fitness Nutrition Specialist

My eating was different this week since I had my nutrition consultation with Ed! I learned that incorporating more protein in my diet is going to help me get to my goals and make me healthier. I pretty much had a feeing this was the case because I eat about 65% carbohydrates right now. I do love grains! I began eating more egg whites and fish this week. I generally don’t eat meat so it is a little tougher for me to get the protein in. I had one downfall… I made pumpkin cookies with the pumpkins from our ranch. I did eat a few. But I didn’t go overboard and I gave the rest away so I wouldn’t be tempted. Looking forward to next week’s workouts and to losing even more weight in a healthy way!