How turning 30 knocked me off the wagon (sort of)

So I turned the big 3-0 on Wednesday. When I say “fell off the wagon,” I really just mean that I ate a slice of cake and skipped a couple boot camps this week. I didn’t go crazy or skip my workout altogether though! I started the week with every intention of attending Monday-Wednesday-Friday boot camps, but when my friends planned surprise birthday activities – well, you know how it goes… I kind of knew that sort of thing might happen so I made sure I did extra cardio and strength training before my ‘big day’. I was able to get a great yoga session in as well.

Getting Right Back On Track

Sometimes things come up in life that prevent people from working out or completely sticking to the ‘plan’. For me, the most important thing is to make sure to always jump right back into the workouts and don’t dwell on any unhealthy behaviors. Sure, I had a piece of cake, but that doesn’t mean I will have one tomorrow and the next day too. It is tough, since sweets and salty food are highly addictive, but not impossible. Instead, I’m going back to boot camp and salads and fresh veggies! Things are coming right along with the wedding too. I sent out my invitations on Friday, my engagement photo session is on Tuesday (which I am so happy to be 14 pounds lighter for!), and the florist has been hired! All that is left is making money to pay for all this stuff. Yikes! I will be working a contract job during February and March, Wednesday through Sunday 10:30-5. It’s great because I’ll make money, and the hours don’t interfere with boot camp and all my workouts! I can’t let anything stop me know. A few pounds to go, a couple inches here and there. I’m so close! How are you doing on your goals? Share your progress in the comments below. – Nikki