Boot Camp Week 11 Here… Great news all around

I’m feeling stronger, leaner, and fitting into all my small size jeans and clothes. Its kind of interesting because my weight is 146 and the last time I wore these clothes I was 138. What this means is that working out with Bootique Fitness has allowed me to lose body fat %. Since muscle takes up less room than fat, my body composition has changed for the better. This is good! Another great thing happened last week after my update. I was at a party, and they happened to have a pull up bar. I did 3 chin ups! I have never been able to do those and I did them from a dead hang. Woohoo!

Handing challenges that everyone faces.

I’ve been going to a ton of Christmas parties. Booze, cookies, chips, candy… Ughh!! My real weakness is sweets. But I’ve held strong and kept track of what I was eating at the parties I attended. And I did not waste calories on anything that wasn’t something I absolutely love. I was bummed to miss the super boot camp this week. Unfortunately another thing besides losing weight that comes along with wedding planning is saving money. When a last minute job came up I had to take it. I didn’t, however, sacrifice my workout. Even though I didn’t attend the super bootcamp, I made it work by doing resistance band exercises and went for a 20 minute jog. So my advice to other brides trying to both lose weight AND save money/make money is to know your limits and find balance. Don’t skip your workouts because of work, find time to workout and MAKE IT WORK! And, if you are considering the cost of your fitness program, think of it as an investment in yourself and your big day. Why spend all that money and be unhappy with how you look in your photos? I’m making it work and becoming creative and both time and money management. You can too! Do I have any other brides on board?

What’s working for you?

What have you found helpful to get through the holidays without the dreaded weight gain? Are you struggling with the same things as me? Share your story. I’d love to hear from you! Happy Holidays! — Nikki