Alyssa Femia is one of Bootique’s great boot camp and Zumba clients – plus, she’s an amazing writer. She is authoring “The Little Black Dress” Chronicles about her experience to get into the best shape of her life – and back into the little back dress.

I lost 3 lbs!

In my last update, I was disappointed that I wasn’t seeing any progress on the scale. Fortunately, I was able to sit back and recognize that I was feeling really stressed out by the new job I just started. Instead of letting myself get too out of control, I focused on all the other positive aspects of boot camp and working out and I managed to stay on track!

And it worked, I finally tipped down to three pounds less on the good old scale, but… I rewarded myself a little too strongly for that and took four straight days off. Jaylin was all over it though, texting me and motivating me to get back to boot camp.

Accountability works – but I could use some more.

Please continue to help keep me accountable for my actions (or lack thereof!) and any of you who attend evening classes (6:00 or 6:20) at Hillcrest and Mission Bay, please let me know so we can be buddies! And if you get frustrated because you’re not seeing results, just focus on how good you FEEL once you leave a tough workout… the results will come. Let’s do this ladies!