Exercise trends come and go. Need proof? Anyone remember Jazzercise and Tae-Bo? Both programs were the hot trends in exercise in the past. Both programs still exist (seriously, there are still places that offer Jazzercise), but both have fallen out of favor with the fitness crowd. It stands to reason that Zumba may be the next exercise trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. However, while other programs have waxed and waned, I predict Zumba has more staying power beyond the typical “next big thing” in exercise.

Zumba has staying power

First, the atmosphere for Zumba is all about fun. If you love to dance but don’t want the hassle of getting dressed up, driving downtown and paying a cover charge then this is the workout for you. In Zumba, participants can jam to Latin-inspired music and learn the basics of Latin-inspired dance. Professional dance experience is definitely not required. All skill levels can join in the fun and everyone has a good time.

Zumba is unique

This fun dance class is simple in nature. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment to participate. No dumb-bells, no resistance bands, no yoga mat, no workout gloves. Another unique aspect of Zumba is that people from all generations can experience this high-energy dance party. In our classes, you’ll see women of all ages; teens, young adults and more seasoned ladies. Don’t let any of them fool you – they can all ‘get down!’ In Zumba, no one is intimidated, everyone enjoys the pace and the moves, and a great time is had by all.

Is Zumba too intense for you?

What separates Zumba from other exercise trends is that anyone can tailor their workout to reflect their exercise level. Those beginning an exercise regimen and those more experienced with exercise are welcome to come and both will gain a great workout that can easily burn 500-800 calories or more per session.

Zumba classes are growing! New Sunday, 10 am Zumba!

It’s clear that Zumba is one of the more popular exercise trends right now! We’ve had such a high demand for classes that we are opening a new class on Sunday mornings. Starting next week, Oct 16th at 10:00 am, we add our 3rd Zumba class to our weekly schedule.

Why not try Zumba?

All you need to do is bring yourself, a great attitude and you will be on your way! It’s only $5 to try your first Zumba class with us in San Diego. Zumba dance classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 10:00 am. Bring a lot of water as this will be a heart-pumping cardio class! You’ll have a blast and you might surprise yourself with all the moves you still have.

Sign up for Zumba here. . Space is limited so we recommend making a reservation. There is plenty of parking on Quince Street, just past the studio. For more information about Zumba and a peek inside our classes, see the Zumba Videos on our blog.