If achieving your ideal body was as simple as fitness, everyone at the gym would be in amazing shape. Transforming your body is more than just pumping iron. It takes hard work and dedication.

There are three main pillars you will need in the quest to reaching your goals and without incorporating each of them, it’s virtually impossible to get the results you want.


This one is maybe the most important of the three pillars because without the proper mindset, your goals will remain out of reach. How many times have you said to yourself, “I can’t get to the gym” or “I can’t stick to my healthy eating plan because of xyz”. These are all excuses that you have made up in your mind to create a barrier between you and the body you have always wanted. They are mental obstacles that need to be broken down. If you change your mindset to a can-do attitude, you will have the motivation you need to get take that first step AND to help yourself when your workouts get tough and you need the mental stamina to push through. Believe in yourself and commit to your goals.


Move more and eat less. It seems simple, but you really need to have a plan in place. Knowing what to eat and how to work out will set you on your path to success. Consulting a personal trainer who can help give you the tools to understanding what’s best for your body is a great place to start. The team of female personal trainers at Bootique Fitness will help educate you on the basics of proper form, nutrition and the best exercises for your goals, plus they provide a motivating, energetic atmosphere that keeps you moving during your workout and feeling accomplished when it’s over.


Do you work harder when you are doing a workout alone in your living room? Or when you are in a group class with a bunch of other people? Humans are social creatures and as much as we sometimes don’t want to admit it, we care what others think. People tend to push themselves more when others are watching, which makes group fitness classes like Bootique ideal to break through your self-imposed barriers and get in shape faster. Rely on your workout buddies to keep you accountable before and during your workouts and you can do the same for them. Schedule check-ins and congratulate each other on your wins. It will keep you motivated to continue reaching for those goals.

Whether your reason for getting in shape is to be a healthier person or simply to look better at the beach, it’s important to make sure you are laying the ground work to set yourself up for success.