Fitness has changed a lot in the last few decades, and you’re ready to step away from the toe touches and arm circles of the 1950’s and get on board with a personal trainer – congratulations!

Whether you’re a seasoned training veteran who has relished the results of personal trainers in San Diego or you’ve never engaged a trainer and are curious about what to expect, it’s important that you understand what you can expect, what you should expect, and what you shouldn’t expect.

It’s a Long-Term Commitment

What you shouldn’t expect right off the bat is to only need one session. The first session is often consumed with taking account of your current fitness level and your goals, and also a weigh-in along with other measurements that might include body fat percentage, resting heart rate and what your target heart rate should be. Expect your very first session to be a “get to know each other” session.

Feeling Comfortable… and Uncomfortable

You should expect to feel comfortable – and even a bit uncomfortable at the same time. If you find that your La Jolla personal trainer comes across to you as pushy, judgmental, or he or she just doesn’t seem to be compatible with you, don’t think twice about seeking out another one. You’re the one paying for these sessions, and to get the absolute most benefit from every one of them, you need to feel good during them. Remember that it’s your session, not your trainer’s session, and if you really, absolutely do or do not like something that is presented to you, don’t be afraid to say so.

The Right Direction is Forward

That being said, you should expect to be pushed a bit to new levels and new things to get your fitness and body to new stages. You should feel comfortable yet challenged, inspired and proud of yourself during and after every session. A good personal trainer in San Diego is going to know to push you, but not so much that you’re on the verge of crying, passing out or injuring yourself! Don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel it’s necessary.

Negative has No Place Here

You should expect to feel really good, and really proud of yourself, not just after the first session, but after every session. You’ll be impressed with your ability to stick with it when times get tough and you’ll revel in the euphoria of digging deep to finish your workouts. You shouldn’t expect to feel defeated, be in complete and utter pain, or feel like you’re dreading your next session. If you end a session feeling this way, something is definitely not working well and needs to be addressed right away.

Extend What You Learn to Your Everyday Schedule

You should remember that personal training in San Diego is but a small period of time out of your week, and although you’ll receive guidance, tips, support and a great workout, it can’t be the only time you focus on your health. You need to work out more than just at your session, continue a healthy diet and keep your fitness focused when you aren’t in the gym. You shouldn’t expect miracles with a once-per-week session if that’s the only effort you put forth towards your fitness goals. Think of your sessions as a springboard to help guide the rest of your week that is spent away from your trainer.

A Recipe for the Sweetest Reward

When you a fitness program you like, a trainer that’s compatible with your personality, goals and abilities, and you’re able to push yourself in a way that is difficult, yet rewarding, you’ll find that everything will come together beautifully to present you with the tools to attain a fitness level that is healthy, happy and fun, too.