Motivational Music – What do Bootique trainers listen to when they are working out?

Everyone has their go-to playlist for running, the gym, a bike ride, or any activity that gets them sweating. Do you need some new music to get you motivated? Maybe there is a type of music you never knew could keep you working hard! Here is a taste of what Bootique trainers listen to that gets them on their feet and pumped up for a workout!

Sarah – Bootique Personal Trainer

My favorite music to work out to is anything that has reminded me of really fun times with friends/family. Even if it’s not the fastest song, it will usually make me happy and exhilarate me to work harder.

Are you ready for my most favorite song to work out to? “Africa” by Toto. It’s SO good – haha! Just try it

Rev Theory – all-time favorite band to work out to. I went to college with these guys. “Hell Yea” is the best pump up jam.

Other great bands I enjoy working out to: Basement Jaxx: “Raindrops”, Incubus, Imagine Dragons, Paramore, Sublime, Zac Brown (yes country!!), Santigold, LL Cool J, Rage Against the Machine, Wyclef, Michael Jackson, and Dropkick Murphy’s.

Mollie – Bootique Personal Trainer

I love to listen to Lindsey Sterling, Srillex, Florence + The Machine, and anything with a powerful and intense beat during workouts! My playlist ranges from A-Z but I also love listening to country music on long rides or runs.

Ali – Bootique Yoga Instructor

This is a tough one because it’s such an eclectic mix! Some of my favorite running songs are “Paper Planes” (M.I.A.), “Man in the Mirror” (Michael Jackson), “Love on Top” (Beyonce’), “Girl on Fire” (Alicia Keys), “Empire State of Mind” (Jay Z and Alicia Keys), and “Dog Days are Over” (Florence and the Machine… especially because she sings “run fast” repeatedly in this one!) …. you can see there is no one genre 🙂

For yoga I like to incorporate inspirational tunes that are somewhat slow but not too depressing! My favorite artist that reaches this happy medium is Jason Mraz. Check out Sunshine Song, You Really Did It, Live High, Unfold, Living in the Moment, and Song for a Friend.

Sabrina – Bootique Peraonal Trainer

My musical preferences change depending on the type of exercise. When running, I love a steady beat and some motivational lyrics (Eye of the tiger comes to mind). In contrast, I also enjoy classical music from time to time.

Weight lifting requires something a little heavier (no pun intended… ok maybe it was). I love Slipknot, Metallica, AC/DC, Shinedown, etc… An epic lift requires epic tunes.

Last but not least: Boot Camp. I need my ladies, Paramore, Beyonce, Ciara, Missy Elliot, and ZZ Ward. Boot Camp requires a bit of a mix, but always up beat and awesome.

Jaylin – Bootique Founder / Personal Trainer

Ahh… Music! It’s what gets me through a workout.

Most of the time, I enjoy fast-paced pop music whether I’m dancing at Zumba or doing a hardcore boot camp workout. Of course, with Zumba, I like to use some fun Latin rhythms like Reggaeton, salsa and merengue. Plus, I love Soca music – so upbeat and full of happiness! You’ll hear a lot of Pitbull, Flo Rida, Daddy Yankee and the crew at Looney Tunes in our Zumba classes plus new superstars like Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande.

Sometimes, for the really heavy lifting – I like strong, passionate music, even when it’s slower like “Chandelier: by Sia. That’s currently one of my favorites! Mary J Blige will always live on as a favorite in my mind. She gets airplay in Zumba too!

Spice up your playlist with some of these suggestions from the Bootique trainers, and you’ll be motivated to keep up your workouts outside of class time!