If you’re a fairly new member to our Bootique Fitness tribe, you’ve probably had the chance to attend a few introductory classes and noticed a few of our veterans bringing their own weights to class.

We don’t know about you, but for some of us, going to a brand new class and seeing a bunch of people bringing in free weights can be a bit intimidating. Are you in the right class? Are you way behind everyone else? Will you struggle to keep up?

Of course not! Here at Bootique Fitness we recognize that everyone is on their own workout journey and on the path to achieving their own goals- new members and veterans alike! However, since everyone comes to us from a different starting place, we incorporate free weights into classes for four unique reasons.

4 Reasons We Use Weights In Class

1. Free weights recruit more muscle fibers

Regardless of your starting place, using free weights during a resistance training workout increases the number of muscles being used. On Monday workouts in the park, we add a specific focus on lower body trouble areas for women: hips, thighs, glutes and abs. More of the exercises are geared towards leg muscles whether its squat, lunges, or dead lifts. By incorporating free weights, you’re adding more stress to your leg muscles which will help you develop more strength. Free weights, unlike machines, require your body to control itself. This control comes from your core – so by adding free weights, you’re also taxing your core to another level.

2. Free weights help you evenly distribute the weight

It’s pretty easy to compensate with a barbell or on exercise machines when you can let your stronger side lift more of the load. However, with free weights, both sides of your body have to pull their own weight. This creates a much more balanced demand on your body which is better for preventing injuries.

3. Free weights offer freedom

Free weights are mobile which makes them easy to bring any where you want to work out. They come in all different sizes so that each person can choose what weight to work with. No one is limited to a one size fits all scenario. Since Bootique Fitness classes are designed for many different women at all fitness levels, by using free weights, we ensure that each of our clients gets to train in a manner that’s best for her specific body and fitness level.

4. And lastly, but most importantly, free weights build strength for everyday life.

Without the confines of a gym machine, free weights mimic exercises of everyday life (bicep curls resemble carrying grocery bags) and as a result, target a larger range of motion that mimics ranges of motion in your daily life. As a result, you build strength in areas where you need it most.

The next time you join us for a Monday outdoor all women boot camp style workout, bring your weights and see all the benefits you get!