Physical fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a lifestyle that, like anything else you want to last long term, needs regular maintenance to stay at peak performance. If you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and are looking for a positive change, it can feel a little daunting to try and get back into the habit. Many of us have been there before, but as long as you have acknowledged what happened and are ready to get back on track, there’s nothing to worry about. With these simple steps, you can reset your fitness regimen and get back to feeling great again.

Identify what derailed your routine

Take a good look at what really got you off track. Was it the time commitment? Did something happen in your life that pushed exercise to the way side? Figure out the “excuse” you gave yourself every day and make note of it. When you identify what your biggest obstacle was in the past you will be able to confront it and overcome it this time around.

Make your workout routine a hobby

Workouts don’t have to be drudgery, they can be fun! Many times, we stop working out simply because we are bored. When you find an activity you love, you will be more likely to stick with it. Check out a class like Bootique’s Cardio Hip Hop Dance. This intense workout is so much fun and will leave you feeling so energized, you won’t even realize how hard you just worked.

It’s not all or nothing

There is no need to take drastic measures to get back to where you once were, like planning to work out for hours every day or cutting out all the foods you love. Create a realistic workout goal of three to four days a week and a sustainable eating plan that includes your favorite treat now and again.

Don’t compare your current self to your past self

Not being able to jump in where you left off can be discouraging and make you feel like quitting. Stop comparing. Set reasonable expectations based on how long you’ve been away. Start small and then push yourself to work up to and beyond where you were before.

Make a plan and write it down

Having a solid plan is an important part of staying on track. At the beginning of each week, write out your schedule for the next seven days. Sign in to your Bootique classes and commit to which days you’ll work out and your healthy meal and snack options for each day.

Don’t try to make up for lost time

Remember that getting in shape takes time. If you start with workouts that are too intense, you’ll increase your risk for injury, and trying to make too many changes all at once will likely lead you to feel overwhelmed and more likely to give up. Instead take small, progressive steps and remember to keep your workouts fun and exciting.

Question: How do you find motivation when you aren’t feeling up to your workout?