If your family’s schedules have been off track because of the summer season, or you’ve been happily enjoying your vacations and holidays, maintaining any sort of routine is a challenge. It can be easy to let fitness fall by the wayside in favor of relaxation and it’s okay to cut yourself some slack, but with summer break over and the kids back at school, it’s time to re-prioritize yourself.

Find something you enjoy

Getting back into working out can be hard, so it’s important to find something you enjoy. Do you miss your daily walks after dinner? Or maybe you crave the camaraderie that you have at your Bootique Fitness Group classes? Let that desire to get back to the things you enjoy drive you to jump back into your fitness regime.

Get rid of dread

Are you putting off lacing up your tennies and heading out the door? Get to the root of where that dread is coming from. Maybe it’s been a while since you worked out and you don’t feel like you will be your “best”. Or you are just starting out and are worried about what other people will think. Everyone has been in your shoes before and just know that we are cheering you on whether it’s been months, or years, since your last workout. Even if you aren’t at the top of your game now, that doesn’t mean you will never be. It takes consistency to build up your fitness and there is no better time than now to get started.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t beat yourself up for skipping a week, or a month, of workouts. Life happens and we all have things that come up. Just don’t let this hiatus be an excuse to never get back on the horse. When you are starting back up after a break, take it slow and listen to your body. You will get back to your old, strong self, but it may take time and that’s okay. Keep going.

Nutrition is key

A healthy diet is a key factor in your overall fitness, so make sure you are fueling your body. You can work out hours at a time every day, but you won’t see the results you want unless you are eating nutritious foods at most meals.

If you have been out of your routine for a little while, it can be hard to make a comeback. Research shows a habit takes just about two months to become automatic so keep up your hard work and build on your progress. A lot of times I hear from people that they are afraid they aren’t in good enough shape to join our classes but nothing could be further from the truth. We cater to all fitness levels and give you an opportunity to do our workout with modifications so that you can get into better and better shape. It’s hard to get started… but it’s easier to start with a group of fun and supportive ladies. 😉 Wanna try it free?

Question: What helps you when you are trying to get back to your routine after a hiatus?