5 Tips for a Healthy Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is upon us, which means the long, lazy days of summer are almost over. Saying goodbye to summer is never fun, but luckily, here in San Diego, we get to enjoy warm days longer than most. This Labor Day, while you are making plans with family and friends, be sure you are also making time for yourself and continuing to put your health front and center. Here are 5 ways to enjoy a healthy Labor Day weekend.

Indulge in seasonal produce

Farmer’s markets are a great spot for delicious, local and seasonal produce. Just because you find something in the grocery store doesn’t mean it’s in season. With so many Farmer’s Markets around San Diego, it’s easy to indulge in delicious produce. Grilled veggies, desserts topped with fresh berries and salads loaded with seasonal goodies are all great and healthy additions to your Labor Day party table.

Don’t skip meals

It may be tempting to skip a meal in anticipation of all the yummy foods at your BBQ, but unless you are practicing intermittent fasting and are accustomed to going long stretches without eating, make sure to have a nutritious meal or snack before you head to your party. Skipping meals can lead to over eating later, so if you feel hungry, have a healthy snack like a handful of nuts or no sugar added Greek yogurt before you go. This way you can enjoy your favorite party foods without feeling ravenous.

Stay active

Holiday weekends aren’t an excuse to take a vacation from your workout routine. And with all the extra calories you will most likely consume, it’s a great idea to sneak in some aerobics. Take a walk, go for a swim or gather your friends for a game of volley ball on the beach. Just make sure you make a point to move each day. We’ll still be tearing up the dance floor in our Cardio Hip Hop classes in San Diego. Come play with us!

Size matters

Our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs, especially when faced with a delicious buffet, so instead of grabbing a full-size dinner plate, choose a smaller plate to load up at your Labor Day party. Smaller plates trick your eyes into thinking you are eating more than you are, and if you are still hungry after round one, you can always go back for seconds.

Drink responsibly

3-day weekends are a great time to let loose and indulge, but there is no need to go completely off the rails. Alcoholic beverages often pack a calorie wallop, and if you are imbibing fruity cocktails or wine, you get a hefty dose of sugar as well. Choose wisely when drinking. Clear alcohols tend to be lower in calories and adding unsweetened soda water as a mixer will keep your waistline in check. Avoiding sugary drinks will also help to stave off an unwanted hangover come Tuesday.

Question: How do you plan on having a healthy Labor Day weekend?

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