Community Spotlight On: LulaRoe Sarah Nakamoto

Community is a very important aspect of our Bootique family. We love to share reputable small business owners with you. We’ve created a new feature called ‘Spotlight On” to bring these incredible business owners to light. Starting with our very own personal trainer superstar: Sarah Nakamoto.

About Sarah Nakamoto

What would you like people to know about you?

I grew up in Massachusetts and moved to SD in 2004. My family is still on the East Coast but I’ve created an amazing circle of friends here who I now call my West Coast Family. I met my husband out here in 2009 on a pub crawl and we’ve been together ever since! I love red wine, and enjoy almost all types of food (sans cilantro). Going over the border to Baja for some good eats and wine is a favorite! Cooking at home with my husband is something we enjoy regularly but he’s the cook…I’m the helper and wine sipper during his amazing creations. We have 4 backyard chickens that make us laugh every day. I never thought I would say I would love a chicken, let alone own one…or 4! I really enjoy playing with yoga inversions and arm balances. I was sidelined with an injury last year so I’m happy to be back at it again!

What are some of your hobbies/interests related to health and wellness?

I am a Personal Trainer with Bootique Fitness, I love bootcamp style workouts and yoga. The occasional road race is fun too whether a 5K or half marathon. Restorative health is just as important to me so I regularly visit the chiropractor and massage therapist, and laugh with my girlfriends over a glass(es) of red.

Tell us an interesting or unusual fact about yourself.

Cilantro tastes like chewing on a bar of soap to me

About LulaRoe Sarah Nakamoto

LuLaRoe Logo Horizontal_Outlined

What do you do?

I’m a Retailer with LuLaRoe. A clothing line geared mostly toward women but there are also kids and some mens pieces. I create outfits for women of all ages and sizes that can be worn for work, play, and everything in between. The clothes are “simply comfortable” (their tag line), stylish, affordable and empowering…and um, addicting

How did you get into your field?

I watched one of my best friends from childhood get into it on Facebook. I followed her page and at first thought the clothes were a little silly just seeing them on the hangers…stuff I wouldn’t necessarily wear. But then I watched how she put her own style and spin on these pieces by creatively added items from her own closet to create outfits. She also showed how you can wear them in different ways. Some skirts can also be a dress or a top or a scarf! She spiced them up with her favorite jewelry and shoes and voila! I was so into her finished look! She made it her own and it looked great. She was and still is so passionate about the company and the clothing. She’s full of energy and fun to watch on Facebook live video, so naturally I wanted to try something out! I bought a skirt and I was hooked. After giving it some thought I realized this was the perfect space for me. Being a personal trainer, I absolutely love empowering women and helping them feel great about themselves, and LuLaRoe seemed like the perfect marriage of doing just that! You can train with me at BOOTIQUE Fitness and you can find something cute to wear in my LuLa BOUTIQUE! 

Why do people choose to work with you?

I try to create a fun experience for everyone. I mean it’s great clothing for women so that’s fairly easy to do! I also believe a fun experience cannot happen without excellent customer service, which I strive for with every shopper whether on my Facebook shop page, via private video styling session, or in person. I learn your style by getting to know you and making a personal connection.

What do you love about what you do?

I love drawing women out of their shell and helping them shine in an outfit or piece they didn’t think they could pull off. Seeing their face change from skeptical to smiling when they emerge from the dressing room is awesome. I want all my ladies to feel beautiful!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The draw to the clothing is their comfort and of course their cute prints. LuLaRoe has in house designers creating over 600 new designs every day. They also create most of the fabrics from a single thread rather than buy the fabric. The created designs/prints max out at 5000 pieces of any particular print whether it’s in a skirt, top, leggings, dress etc., so if you find a print you love in your size, grab it! You may not have the chance to do so again. The best part about the limited prints is you probably won’t see someone wearing the same LuLaRoe outfit as you!

LuLaRoe’s motto is to Bless Lives and Strengthen Families. The company was started by a husband and wife couple in 2012. I get to have video training meetings with these amazing and grounded individuals on a weekly basis. They have grown significantly over the course of 4 years. LuLaRoe is a fair wage company with factories in a number of countries including Guatemala, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Honduras, Thailand, and the US.

How can new customers reach you.

You can hostess a party and earn free clothes! You invite all your friends, I show up with all my inventory. We party!

Customers can get in touch with me via my Facebook Shop Page or email Sarah.

How a LuLaRoe pop up party works:

1. We schedule a date that’s good for both of us.
2. I create an invite on Facebook for you and make you co-host so you can invite all your people.
3. You provide some light snacks and I show up with my inventory for everyone to shop! They can take their clothing home the same day!
4. For every 10 pieces that sell at your party, you will earn 1 free piece of your choice from my inventory. Most hostesses earn 2-5 pieces per party!

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