How Bootique Fitness Began

Do you want to know how I got started in the fitness business?

… a story about Jaylin

Growing up, I was never good at traditional sports or gym class, but I knew I wanted to be active. I started exercising to home videos in high school – but that was boring so when I went to college, I joined a gym. At the time, I was very shy, unsure of myself and had no idea what to do in the gym – it was intimidating to say the least.

I took exercise classes in the gym, but they were hardly any fun ones and so it was very difficult to stick to. There was one instructor I really liked, Julie, and I was committed to her classes. Before long though, Julie shared that she was moving away. Fortunately for me, just before she left, she inspired me to become a fitness instructor. I don’t know how she talked me into it… but I am so appreciative that she did.

“I truly found my voice.”

Though I was still shy outside of the classroom, when I taught fitness classes, I came alive. Suddenly, I felt like people were counting on me to make them feel better, get stronger and healthier – and I thrived on their energy! Not only did it feel great to help them, but I was receiving so much help from them too. By teaching fitness, I grew more confident and sure of myself. I began to be more outgoing and vocal – and I was having so much more fun!

Within three short months of getting my first fitness certification, I was teaching 9 classes a week. It was a lot of work considering I was going to school full time and waitressing, but the joy you see in someone’s eyes when they tell you what an impact you’ve had on their lives… inexplicable, and I loved it! And I wanted to experience as much of it as possible.

I graduated with a degree in Business and started my career in the corporate world. I always thought I would be wearing power suits to work in fancy offices. After a few years, I was too busy at work to teach fitness classes. I enjoyed being a business woman, but I missed being in the fitness world… so I made a change.

One small step leads to a big change.

While I was still in the mortgage industry, I started teaching spin classes – and once again, I loved it! Shortly after, I left the corporate world to start over in a new career as a personal trainer. It was a great decision for me. From there, I started my own personal training business and began teaching outdoor boot camps on the Boston Esplanade. As soon as I got a taste of teaching fitness outdoors, I was hooked. So, I moved from Boston to San Diego and recreated my business as an outdoor fitness solution for women – boot camp!

I started Bootique Fitness because I found great joy in helping others to feel good about themselves through fitness and a healthy lifestyle and I believed in my ability to create a company and a team that had something special to offer. I love that Bootique has grown into such a wonderful family of women, from all different fitness levels and walks of life, that come together to support, encourage and entertain each other. My career is truly one of life’s greatest gifts to me!

Learn about our team of Personal Trainers

We are fortunate to have the most amazing women personal trainers working at Bootique Fitness. You can learn more about each of them in the ‘Our Community’ tab.

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  1. Jenn Barry says:

    Thank you for moving to San Diego! I’ve tried everything… running solo in my neighborhood, joining a gym, taking yoga classes, even bought myself a couple of really nice towel racks (umm, I mean treadmills and stair steppers!). Nothing works for me, I just can’t stay motivated. Bootique is so diffierent, there’s a sense of comradery and such a nonjudgmental vibe. I really look forward to showing up for classes!

  2. Thank you for creating this program! This is the most excited about exercise/nutrition I’ve ever been!

  3. Stephanie Murphy says:

    As someone who aspires to own her own business one day, I love your success story (and what you bring to us, your clients).

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