Meet Dr Katie Fox of the Spinal Connection

Introducing Dr Katie Fox

At Bootique Fitness, it’s really important to us to surround ourselves with other great professionals in the community. When you have a health concern or an injury, we want to feel confident in the people we recommend to you. As a client of hers myself, I can confidently recommend Katie as a great chiropractic practitioner. Katie is also a member of Bootique Fitness. You’ve probably seen this hard working doctor in are Hillcrest boot camps. There are many reasons I respect Dr Katie, but one of the most important is that she is so approachable. She welcomes talking with our clients before and after boot camp.

Get a free health pass

Dr Katie invites you to the Spinal Connection for a free yoga or stretching class. We have passes for you at boot camp, just ask your trainers for one. You can also contact Dr Katie directly by calling 619.540.9270 or visit her website at the Spinal Connection.

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