Limited Lunging

Many of us have been doing lunges for what seems like ages. While we may be getting in a lot of practice, oftentimes, we get a little to careless about our form. We know the basic techniques so maybe we’re not working the lunge for it’s full benefit anymore.

Some of us are new to lunges and want to know the proper technique and form. Whether you are brand new or count yourself as an old pro at lunges, you may want to go over the proper technique. Let’s make sure you are getting in an effective workout without injury and making the most out of it!

1. Drop It Like It’s Hot!

A big mistake many of us make in a lunge is not dropping far enough with our back knee. It may feel as if we are low, but if you look down or in a mirror (or have your personal trainer/workout buddy look), you may not be dropping down as deep as you feel you are. Take a bigger step forward or backwards (depending on the type of lunge) and drop your knee as close to the ground as possible without extended your other knee over your toes. If you feel like you can’t get into the move properly, talk to your personal trainer about your hip flexors and learn some stretches you can do to help. This can always affect your lunge technique. Feel it now, huh?!

2. Fighter Abs!

Don’t forget that core and tightening those fighter abs! When doing your lunges, you want to make sure your whole body is engaged. No energy wasted on wobbling around and possibly injuring yourself or pulling a muscle. Pull your shoulders back, head up, and core engaged. Make sure your shoulders are squared to the front and in line with your hips, and that your knees aren’t falling inward. Again, ask your personal trainer for the proper technique so you learn what that feels and looks like. What a difference a core makes!

4. Watch out!

A very important part to lunging in keeping your knees and ankles in alignment. You don’t want to have your knee fall inward. This is a sign of a gluteus medius (a stabilizer muscle in your bum) that needs some strengthening. Ask your trainer for exercises that will target strengthening this muscle.

4. Switch It Up!

We can get bored of the same old lunge. Thank goodness there is more than one way to do it! Check out our Bootique Fitness videos for examples of different types of lunges such as: reverse lunge, jump lunges, side lunges, etc… Ask your trainer for some fun lunge routines to make it interesting. Not only will this spice up your workout, but it will strengthen different parts of your body!

With the proper form, you will be lunging into better legs, quads, glutes, and core in no time!