We’ve all been there. We lose weight, get in shape – then then we hit the proverbial wall. What happened? We are doing the same things we did to lose the weight; why isn’t it still working? There are many reasons this can happen. Not eating or drinking what we really think we are (not tracking our food therefore taking in more calories) and skipping meals are examples of why we are only maintaining and not losing. Here are some tips to climb over that wall and restart the fire!

Bev More

One common mistake we make is drinking our calories. Diet sodas, bottled teas, and juices have more calories than even some foods! Although we all hear it, water is the key! If you get tired of the same old H2O, add cucumber, lemon, and berries – something else to get that flavor. Infused water bottles are inexpensive and a great way to get the flavor from your fruits and veggies without biting into your water! Need those bubbles? Try the no sugar added sparkling flavored waters. Soda bubbles without the calories – drink it up!


Eating healthy portions of healthy food is, of course, imperative to weight loss; but skipping a meal completely is not the way to the “Land of Losing”! Many of us skip breakfast (“It’s too early to eat”). And management IS tough. Try to plan meals around your busy schedule as much as possible. Don’t have time to cook breakfast? Grab a high protein yogurt and banana at a convenience store, or a rice cake with some peanut butter. Fruit, some proteins, and healthy carbs are available without the fuss. Always bring carrots, almonds, and jerky –something to keep hunger at bay in between meals. This will help with overeating in general and help to kick that weight loss once again!

Write it to Right it!
We’ve heard this “trick” before too, but writing down (or tracking another way) your food and drinks is a really good way to get out of that plateau. When we begin to lose weight, and maybe eat the same way all the time, our bodies get used to the same routine. This can go for exercise as well. Write down, or use an online tool like MyFitnessPal, to track your meals, snacks, beverages, and exercise. We might think we are eating and exercising like we were before when we lost weight, but seeing it all in front of you will help you to change it up for success.

If you feel stuck, follow these steps and you will get over that wall. No more plateaus to overcome in your future, just a nice downhill trip to the “Land of Losing”!