Move Better

What Motivates You To Move?

Just like there is no one size fits all workout, there is no one size fits all motivation.

Everyone’s motivation is different.

Whether you want to get fit for an event, your kids or you are tired of being tired, it’s important to embrace and understand your get healthy motivation so it can help carry you through your toughest days….or toughest workouts.

Set Your Goals

The first step is to define your goals, and the more specific, the better. If your motivation is to look better in clothes, be specific. Pick a pair of jeans that has been hanging in our closet for a couple of seasons and set your sights on slipping those on.

Write it Down

This one may seem obvious but writing down your goals will help you see them to fruition. Why do you want to eat better and what do you want to achieve? Seeing your goals on paper will help make them more real.

And never underestimate the power of your community. If you haven’t already, set up your Girl Talk Motivational session with Jaylin. Having other people cheer you on is a huge boost toward success.

Determine How to Meet This Goal

Set mini goals. If you want to lose a percentage of body fat, that requires exercise and a healthy diet.

Set a few simple weekly goals like exercising four times a week and avoiding that post dinner cookie you enjoy every night. Small tweaks can lead to big changes.

Use Your Motivating Factor to Keep you on Track

If your goal is to improve your numbers at the doctor, keep your most recent copy of your unfavorable labs taped to the fridge.

Want to shed some pounds that have crept on recently? Tape a photograph of you at your healthiest on your mirror. Keeping these reminders of what you are working toward will help you stay on track.

Track your Progress

Did you get to the gym all four days this week like you planned? Great! Mark those dates off in your calendar and celebrate your successes.

It will be very rewarding to look back on your progress and how far you’ve come.

Focus on the Positive

Instead of only focusing on what you can’t do and the negative aspects of your journey, look at the positive. If you are few weeks into your program but aren’t seeing the results you thought you would, avoid that negative line of thinking. Instead, look how much stronger you are than when you started.

Take the small wins and use them to motive you toward the big wins.

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