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4 Ways to Celebrate Self Love This Valentine’s Day

February 14th is commonly known as a day dedicated to the celebration of love. While many people associate this holiday with receiving a box of chocolates or being treated to a nice dinner by a special someone, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean romantic love.

Between the fast-paced lives and busy schedules of modern women and the self-critical mindsets often promoted by popular culture, the concept of self love has become more important than ever.

So whether you have an evening of festivities planned with a partner or you’re celebrating V-Day with the girls, take care not to neglect the celebration of love for beautiful, intelligent, amazing YOU!

Here are a few ideas for how to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day—and every day!

Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers

Who says you can’t purchase flowers for yourself? Take a stroll through the selection at your local florist and treat yourself to a bouquet that jumps out to you as the most beautiful. Display them on your table, desk or nightstand, and practice gratitude for the bright spot of joy they bring to your days. Each time their bright colors catch your eye, or their fragrance tickles your nose, spend a moment to revel in the joy they bring you!


We’ve all heard of the importance of “me time,” but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean buying yourself an expensive massage or indulging in an extravagant dessert. It comes in many forms, and is different for everyone! One simple idea that’s guaranteed to help you feel refreshed? Turn off your phone. Whether it’s for an hour or a day, taking a step back from social media and text messages will give you the chance for real solitude to reflect, refresh and renew yourself.

Do something you’re good at

There’s a certain joy that comes with performing a task you have a knack for, and utilizing a talent that you have will remind you of just one more reason to love your wonderful self! So whether it’s singing, dancing, building something, surfing, writing, scrapbooking, drawing, or baking a mean batch of chocolate brownies, spend some time doing what you’re good at. While you do whatever it is that you do best, take care to revel in your special ability, feel gratitude for that talent, and maybe even share your song, dance, project, poem or dessert with a friend to spread the love!

Spread joy and love to others (even from afar)

We all know the warm and fuzzy feeling that spreading happiness brings, so set aside a minute or an hour or an afternoon to actively pursue this project. Set a goal to give five compliments by the end of the day, mail a handwritten card to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, call a family member who lives in another state, or donate a few hours of your time to a charitable cause. You’ll spread joy to others, and you’ll bring yourself joy in the process.

Whether it’s an item from this list, or something else that makes you happy, set aside some time this Valentine’s Day to do it for yourself! Regardless of all the other sources of love we each have in life, self love will always be of crucial importance. Make February 14th your day one, and start practicing self love in ways big and small each day from here forward. You deserve it!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bootique Fitness!

Celebrating the amazing things your body is capable through exercise is a wonderful way to practice self love. This February, join us for a Zumba-style Cardio Hip Hop dance fitness classs and outdoor boot camp sessions, or treat yourself to our San Diego personal training services. Whatever your style, our staff and your fellow Bootique’ers would be thrilled to share the love as we travel along our fitness journeys together!

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