It’s true with shoes, dollars and even chocolate chip cookies. More importantly, it’s true when working out. If you want to stick to your fitness and weight loss plan, then team up with a partner. It’s been proven that having someone workout with you helps keep you on track. The trainers at Bootique Fitness know this and that’s why our workouts are in group settings. But, how and why does having a workout partner help you?

The accountability factor

First, working out with another person or within a team of people dramatically increases the accountability factor. A fitness program that includes others who count on you just as much as you count on them is a sure-fire way to snap out of the workout blues. In our latest body transformation challenge, we strongly encouraged our clients to team up with one or two accountability partners. Since then, we’ve seen a significant increase in boot camp attendance and results!

The fun factor

Second, it’s just more fun to workout with others than it is on your own. While you may crave some solo workouts from time to time, the best way to keep your workouts fun and motivating is to do them with a partner. The camaraderie, pushing each other along in times where the workout seems difficult… those are the things you gain by working out with a partner or in a group rather than going it alone.

The familiarity factor

Picture going to the gym alone and entering your first Zumba class. It can be a intimidating, especially when you don’t have a clue as to what to expect. Now, imagine running into a friend who has taken Zumba classes countless times before and she gives you some pointers and encourages you along the way. Even if you did the class alone you could have a great time, but, when a friend is involved, you’re more likely to come back. Why? The experience of working out with a friend is powerful enough to make exercise less like a chore and more like fun. Over time, the “fun factor” of working out is what keeps people on track and maintaining their weight loss and fitness goals.

More reasons a workout partner helps you reach your fitness goals

When the going gets rough – Having a workout partner is key in times when you feel like quitting. The external motivation and encouragement you get from a workout buddy is usually enough to keep you from completely abandoning your workout program.

Alarm clock – Just as most individuals need an alarm clock to help them get to work on time each day, so it is with the workout buddy. No, that doesn’t mean your workout buddy is loud and annoying. What it does mean is that by setting a time to meet with your workout buddy, you’re more likely to make your workout than if you made informal plans to show up at the gym solo.

Birds of a feather – When you have a workout buddy, you have someone who shares the same goals as you in regard to fitness. While one of you may want to lose more weight than the other or focus on different areas of fitness, just having someone to share a similar goal is enough to keep you both motiviated over time.

If you still need a workout partner share your fitness goals, add fun to your workouts and hold you accountable, then come to our boot camp classes in San Diego. The high-energy, interval training workouts are a great way to invigorate your fitness level and routine. And… you will experience what it’s like to work out as a part of a team as their workouts consist of a group of women who share the common goal of getting fit and having fun.

With several locations and times to fit into your schedule, the trainers at Bootique Fitness would love to see you at the next boot camp class. Working out doesn’t have to be a boring chore. Grab a friend, attend a boot camp by Bootique Fitness and get moving!