Bootique Featured Client – Leigh Ann

Congratulations Miss April!

We are proud to announce Leigh Ann as our Featured Bootique Client!

Ro and Sarah get to train Leigh Ann most often so I’ll let them rave about her:

Ro: “Leigh Ann is such a hard worker and has had to overcome some aches and pains to get where she’s at now. She loves to share how a year ago she couldn’t do lunges or many of the other exercises she’s so great at now. She’s come a long way and I can’t wait to see how much further her fitness journey takes her.”

Sarah: “She’s supportive of other Bootique’ers. Enjoys sharing her goals and experiences.”

What would you like people to know about you?

I have a 22 year old son Luke and a 13 year old dog Lucy.

I grew up here in San Diego and then moved around the U.S. in my 20’s with my son’s Dad that was in the Air Force. We lived in Alaska and many other cool places. Alaska was my favorite because of all of the outdoor activities (fishing, boating, skiing, hiking, biking, cross country skiing) and the cooler weather. We were very active – working out everyday and doing action-adventure things all the time. Alaska was where my 22 year-old son was born. I came back to San Diego when I was 30 to work for the City of San Diego and raise my son. Because I’ve had the government job, I was able to be a good Mom and spend a lot of quality time raising my son. Luke is graduating college in May! Yay!

I’ve been an engineer for 25 years (oil, aerospace, and government). I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree.

I’m currently single and working on myself.

I moved to Mission Bay on a whim a few years ago and I’m loving it. I love cool and cloudy weather.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of our classes?

I like to travel – my son and I traveled to Indonesia and Australia the past two summers. We loved the beaches and the people. I’m looking to travel to Asia and Europe in the near future.

I like to read. I really like to learn new things. I have a curious mind.

I like to talk with my friends and family – I really enjoy a good meal and a good conversation. I like to hear other people’s perspectives.

Before Bootique, I was addicted to TV so I try to limit it now. I watch – the Bachelor, American Pickers, and Game of Thrones.

Tell us an interesting or unusual fact about yourself.

I don’t know if this is interesting to people but I’m one of the few engineers that has two licenses (mechanical and civil). It was 3 years of studying, 3 days of testing and I passed them both the first time.

How about sharing one of your guilty pleasure?

I love to lay around and read on a Saturday or Sunday.

How long have you been training with Bootique Fitness?

I reached my one year anniversary in January and got the awesome bag and charm!

What was your life like before Bootique Fitness? How is that different now that you train with Bootique?

Before Bootique, I was feeling sick most of the time. It was always something either stiff joints, breathing problems, headaches, inflammation, stomach problems, fatigue, knee pain, etc. My mobility was bad. Doing things like tying my shoes and getting down on the ground were a challenge.

I’m now feeling good more than I feel bad. I feel much more mobile with less inflammation. The knee pain is rare.

What results have you seen since coming to Bootique Fitness? How do your results make you feel?

It took about 6 months for me to get over the hump and really start to excel with Bootique Fitness. The first 6 months was an internal struggle to force myself to get to class and eat right. The workouts knocked me out for the entire day. I continued to gain 23 more pounds the first 6 months partially because I felt like I could eat anything now that I was working out.

Two things broke my stride around the 6 month mark, traveling to Indonesia/Australia for a month and a research project.

However, once I got over the 6 month hump of being overwhelmed with the workouts and I dumped the excuses, 40 pounds came off with a moderate amount of effort (2 to 5 bootcamps per week, no sugar diet, and reducing portion sizes). Then the weight loss started to stall but I could see inches coming off. I can see muscles in my arms and legs.

Tell me about your experience with the trainers.

I love the trainers. They are very knowledgeable and helpful and fun to workout with. They use a good balance of challenging you while letting you work to your own level.

What are your favorite/least favorite exercises?

I like ice skaters for that tight feeling in your inner and outer thighs. I’m not a fan of pushups.

What do you enjoy the most about Bootique Fitness?

I like that the workouts are never the same. There’s no way to get bored with Bootique! I like working-out outside in the fresh air in our beautiful parks.

What would you say to someone on the fence about making a change & committing to their goals?

I would say to dig deep and figure out what is holding you back. Why do you not follow through on your goals? For me specifically with the bootcamps, it was a lot of fear – fear of getting injured, fear of not performing, fear of getting a headache, fear, fear, fear.

I had to put those feelings aside. I had to tell myself that I would do the best I could. I had to tell myself that I could leave if I couldn’t make it through.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The nutrition accountability group has been very helpful for me at this particular point in my journey! My food choices are in the forefront of my mind. I realized that I’m eating way too many carbs and not enough protein.

Thank you Miss Leigh Ann! We love training you!

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