Congratulations Natalia!

We are proud to announce Natalia as our Featured Boot Camp Client!

Natalia brings a great attitude to class. Even though she works long hours as a CPA, she still makes time for her workouts! She’s happy to do any exercise we give her and is the most appreciative when we correct her form… even when that means we make the exercise 10x harder. πŸ™‚

We were thrilled to hear about her recent engagement! So happy for her! Plus – now that there’s a wedding in the near future, she’s pushing it to a whole new level!

What would you like our community to know about you?

I’m originally from Maui, Hawaii and moved to San Diego about 9 years ago to attend USD, where my now-fiancΓ© and I met! I’m a CPA and I work for a global public accounting firm. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and friends, going to the beach, and especially travelling!

Natalia’s Experience with Bootique Fitness

Natalia talks about how she came to work out with us and what her experience has been like in our San Diego boot camp.

How long have you been training with Bootique Fitness?

One of my dearest friends and former coworker, Karen, introduced me to Bootique almost 2 years ago! Thanks, Karen!!!!

What was your life like before Bootique Fitness?

Before Bootique, my exercise habits were inconsistent. It was difficult for me to maintain a good routine for extended periods of time.

What results have you seen since coming to Bootique Fitness? How do your results make you feel?

Lately, I’ve been super excited about my arms transforming into “wedding arms”! Aside from feeling great while trying on wedding dresses, I feel very empowered by my increased upper-body strength. I was a competitive swimmer as a child and throughout high school, but after college, and before joining Bootique, I couldn’t even do a push-up! I also continue to experience increased endurance, although it seems that bootcamps have yet to become “easy”! Mentally, I feel more confident and energized, happier, and less stressed!

What is the biggest difference in your life since you started Bootique Fitness?

The biggest difference in my life since joining Bootique is my commitment to my overall health and well-being. I’ve learned that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a constant challenge, but the hard work pays off!

Tell me about your experience with the trainers.

I’ve attended classes led by Jaylin and Ro but Sabrina is my main squeeze! I regularly attend the La Jolla Bootcamp classes, which are led by Sabrina.

She is extremely encouraging and her energy is contagious. She often demonstrates exercises and I think to myself (or rather, say out loud), “you’re crazy!”, but she knows exactly what I’m capable of and challenges me to overcome any mental blocks. I feel very proud of myself with each small milestone, and it keeps me coming back for more!

What do you enjoy the most about Bootique Fitness?

The thing that I enjoy most about Bootique Fitness is the variety! The workouts are constantly evolving so I’m constantly being challenged and I’m never bored! I’m always sore, but never bored! I also really appreciate that the classes take place outdoors!

Why should other women just like you consider Bootique Fitness as their solution?

Bootique Fitness invests endless amounts of time and energy into my overall health and well-being. I feel a very strong sense of community and accountability. I would encourage every woman to give it a try, regardless of your level of athleticism! There is nothing more challenging, motivating, or fun!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you, Bootique Fitness! I’m so proud to be a part of this family! πŸ™‚

Thank you Miss Natalia! We love training you!

Be sure to congratulate and celebrate Natalia when you see her! She usually plays at the La Jolla and Mission Bay boot camps classes and has even been spotted working it on the dance floor in our Zumba classes.