April Featured Bootique Client – Maile

Congratulations Miss April!

We are proud to announce Maile as our Featured Bootique Client!

(Photo shows Maile and her husband, Robert, at Lake Murray. They have lost a total of 124 lbs combined!)

Usually, when we feature a client, we only share our experience as her trainers but since Maile, in particular, goes so far to encourage you all in person and on Facebook, I thought it might be better to include some Bootique’ers thoughts and stories about her too.

Kristy sums up the awesomeness that is Maile pretty well: “I have had the pleasure of meeting Maile through Bootique. From the first dance class I met her at, Maile has been a constant ray of sunshine, impressing and motivating us all with her hard work, caring nature, hilarious antics and outgoing personality. She has an amazing empathy for the feelings of others as well as shrewd powers of observation, both qualities that make her an amazing friend and a stand-out human being that goes out of her way to cheer on everyone she meets. You can’t help but smile during a Maile High-Kick!”

Bacon agrees: “Maile is a shooting star that fell to earth and landed with a perfect high kick. She has a amazing energy and beautiful spirit. She’s a huge inspiration to all of us while being completely supportive of everyone she encounters. She’s fun to watch in zumba she has her own style. At boot camp, she’s a good cheerleader when facing a tough workout. She makes Bootique better just by showing up.”

Rachel adds: “I love the fun energy Maile brings to dance class. Her high kicks make me smile!”

Ro continues: “From the get-go, Maile has been all smiles and loads of fun. I think the only time I’ve seen her give me an evil look was a day it was just her and another girl in class and I kicked their butts! Sorry Maile 😉 but she’s such a great sport and hard worker.”

What would you like people to know about you?

I was born and raised in San Diego and grew up in the Clairemont area. I work for The City of San Diego, Public Utilities Dept. (Water), at Miramar Reservoir working operations and maintenance. I currently hold my Water Distribution grade 2 certification. I am a American Water Works Association Member and an alumni to San Diego County Water Authority’s Citizen Academy. I have an older sister, a younger brother and my father lives in Portland, OH and my mother passed away 7 years ago.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of our classes?

I love art and photography. I spend most of my time taking photos, editing and posting them on Instagram @Mermaid_Maile

I love to be outside and to be around nature but my favorite place to be is at the beach. You will find a lot of palm trees and beach photos in my gallery.

Tell us an interesting or unusual fact about yourself.

My name is Hawaiian and is pronounced My-Lee it is a vine that is native to Hawaii. The vine is used in traditional leis for weddings, ceremonies and historically was used for royalty. I am not Hawaiian but my Grandfather on my mother’s side was born and raised in Hawaii and was Japanese.

Also, When I was 23 my Mom had passed away very tragically. I came home to find her at the bottom of our empty pool (we drained to have repaired). She was submerged in less than a foot of water and pulled her up and out to safety, gave her CPR. She later died at the hospital that night. Not only did I lose my mother but I lost my best friend. My life that night changed forever. I tell people this because I am someone who battles with anxiety everyday and have lost all that meant everything to me. Be positive. Because you never know when your last day is. My moms passing is the product of my bubbly personality, my high energy, I try to focus on what I have not what I don’t.

How about sharing one of your guilty pleasure?

I told my husband recently that I love him dearly and I’m good at sharing just not when it comes to Ice Cream. Especially Haagen Dazs Mint chocolate Chip.

How long have you been training with Bootique Fitness?

Since January of 2016

What was your life like before Bootique Fitness? How is that different now that you train with Bootique?

I am happy all the time, I have so much energy, I am excited to go and work out, excited to push myself and to watch my body change.

Before, my life didn’t have routine, I didn’t sleep well, eat well, I was less social and much less active.

What results have you seen since coming to Bootique Fitness? How do your results make you feel?

I have lost 56 lbs so far and it was a hard road at first because I didn’t results for the first 6 months but after that it was as if it melted off. I am so much stronger especially in places I never thought would be strong (like my back and shoulders). Muscle aches, pains and strains happen a lot less too since my body is a lot stronger. My results over all make me so happy and it’s motivation to keep it up.

Tell me about your experience with the trainers.

The trainers are so amazing they have always been so encouraging, helping, caring and they actually know what they’re talking about. I’ve always been intimated to talk to trainers at gyms but these ladies make it a great environment to learn and not judge.

What are your favorite/least favorite exercises?

Swimming in the ocean, which is surprising because I hate exercises using my upper body and arms. Which is why I started kayaking recently so that I can start toning my arms and to strengthen them so I won’t hate those exercises as much.

What do you enjoy the most about Bootique Fitness?

The community. I never thought the day I joined that I would gain a lot of love and support. There were times this year I was too busy to work out or even sick but the other ladies are what have made me go back. With the other Bootique’ers encouragement, the trainers encouragement and the changes in your body – the great changes. It’s all a lot of positive things that have come out of working out with this great group of women.

What would you say to someone on the fence about making a change & committing to their goals?

Stop thinking about it and just do it. I have been working towards making a lot of changes in my life and I started to make myself #1 and I stopped thinking into my goals and just DID THEM. Only good things come out of positive changes and you have a whole community of great ladies to make the changes with.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to thank everyone. All the trainers and all the ladies and some gentlemen who I have come across and worked out with or chatted with in The Boutique accountability group because you all have encouraged me in some way! So thank you and high kicks for everyone!!

Thank you Miss Maile! We love training with you!

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