There are many concerns about whether or not what we eat and what we use on a daily basis can cause cancer. Some people question: do cell phones cause cancer? Does what I eat cause cancer? While they may not cause cancer, what we eat certainly can fight off chances of it happening at all.

What are the Causes of Cancer?

What are the causes of cancer? Sometimes, it can be what we eat. Artificial sweeteners have been said to have links to cancer. Other things we eat can cause things like leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disorders that contribute to cancer in the long run. However, there are plenty of other options that can be used. Some of these items are superfoods. All of these foods are things that can be added to any food choice for any day.

Eat More of What is Good

Anti-inflammatory foods are some of the greatest things to eat. Superfoods, as said previously, also work well because of how many nutrients they offer. There are also things to avoid, like over processed foods, refined carbohydrates, refined oils, and farm-raised meats. These items contribute to inflammation, which ultimately can contribute to cancer.

Leafy, Green Vegetables

These vegetables are considered a cornerstone of any healthy diet. This option has to include more than just different types of lettuce, though. There are many other types to consider, and they are absolutely delicious. There is spinach, kale, collard greens, arugula, and watercress. They all are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that pack the body full of antioxidants. They also are antibacterial, too. In other words, leafy, green vegetables are a great way to detox your body in a healthy way.

Royally Red Tomatoes

Fruit or vegetable? Whatever side of this debate you land on, it really does not change the fact that tomatoes are cancer-fighting soldiers of the highest degree. The main reason why tomatoes fight cancer so well is that they contain lycopene, the very aspect that makes a tomato red. It is specifically best for fighting lung, prostate, stomach, and endometrial cancers since that is where they travel to in the body the most.

Better Berries

Other than leafy, green vegetables, berries are the perfect choice for putting antioxidants into the body. They are a great supply of Vitamins A and C, and they also increase immunity because they are antifungal and antiviral. Some of the best berries to use are blackberries, raspberries, and cherries, so strawberries are not the only option from this category, as that is the choice many people rely on. They are also easy to find, and they can be used in a wide variety of recipes.

Going Nuts

Walnuts are perfect at stopping estrogen from reaching cancer cells, which can slow cellular growth for cancer. For women, eating walnuts means warding off and fighting against breast cancer, whereas it means going against prostate cancer for men. The great part is that only an ounce or so needs to be eaten per day for the most benefit to be gained, so a little bit goes an awfully long way.

Fighting cancer does not have to be a solitary fight. There are plenty of small changes and additions that can be made to a diet to fight cancer, whether it is before or after a diagnosis comes to exist.

By: Guest Author Mikkie Mills