Working Out With Virago Fitness Series

We’re teaming up with the fabulous and inspirational owner of Virago Fitness, Miss Brittney Hogan. She’s behind the camera while Sabrina, a Personal Trainer in San Diego, takes your through the exercises.

This video is a quick 4 exercise ab circuit for you. Sabrina will show you how to perform each movement as well as give you modifications so that all fitness levels can do this circuit.

The 4 ab exercises in this video are:

1. figure 8 infinity
2. curl up with db reach
3. plank with knee in, hold for 2 counts
4. scissors up and down

Personal Training Group Classes in San Diego

Come outside and join us for an incredible and fun workout in one of beautiful San Diego parks where we hold classes. Currently, we have boot camp style classes in Balboa Park / Hillcrest, Mission Bay Park, Downtown San Diego and La Jolla.

Get details on our Personal Training Group Page.

Enjoy boot camp style workouts in your home or on the go

You’ll find tons of our unique San Diego Boot Camp videos, all available for you to view and follow along with, in the Boot Camp Videos Category on our Blog.