Total Body Workout

Sabrina Campbell, San Diego Personal Trainer for Bootique Fitness, has recorded tons of video workouts to help you on those rare occasion when you can’t get to our classes. Usually we offer you short circuits that you can do individually for a workout boost or put together with more circuits to create a full workout. In this blog, we’ve put together a sequence of videos for you.

Before you get started, warm your body up and get it ready for these movements. Here’s a quick and simple warm up for you:

Jumping jacks (30 seconds)
Bodyweight squats (30 seconds)
Arm circles (30 seconds)
Repeat 2x

Let’s go!

Power Moves for THINNER THIGHS (follow along)

Let’s get your heart rate up so we can burn tons of calories in this workout. Starting with the legs! (((Click Here)))

Sexy Arm Home Workout Circuit Video

Alright! We torched those legs. Let’s get the arms too!! (((Click Here)))

Full Body High Intensity Workout Video

Feeling good? Let’s kick it up a notch! (((Click Here)))

Massive Calorie Burner (only 2 exercises!)

Hang in there! Here’s one more challenge! (((Click Here)))

4 Minutes Flat Abs Workout (Follow Along)

Not quite done… let’s target those abs! (((Click Here)))

Total Body Stretch

All done. Nice job. Let’s stretch. (((Click Here)))

Personal Training Group Classes in San Diego

Come outside and join us for an incredible and fun workout in one of beautiful San Diego parks where we hold classes. Currently, we have boot camp style classes in Hillcrest, Mission Bay Park, Downtown San Diego and La Jolla.

Get details on our Personal Training Group Page.

Enjoy boot camp style workouts in your home

You’ll find tons of our unique San Diego Boot Camp videos, all available for you to view and follow along with, in the Boot Camp Videos Category on our Blog.