Work those legs!

Summer is the time we all get to show a little more skin. Let’s tone those thighs and help you feel confident rocking those booty-shorts, board shorts and short skirts! Follow along with Sabrina Campbell, San Diego Personal Trainer for Bootique Fitness, as she takes you through a great workout that targets your thighs. Add this thinner thigh workout circuit to our other video circuits for a complete workout.

Personal Training Group Classes in San Diego

Come outside and join us for incredible and fun workouts in any of the beautiful San Diego parks where we hold classes. Currently, we have boot camp style classes in Hillcrest, Mission Bay Park, Downtown San Diego and La Jolla. Get details on our Personal Training Group Page.

Enjoy boot camp style workouts in your home

You’ll find tons of our unique San Diego Boot Camp videos, all available for you to view and follow along with, in the Boot Camp Videos Category on our Blog.