Squats are the go-to move for anyone who strength trains because they engage more muscles than almost any other move. Squats work the thighs, glutes, and core because when you squat, you use all the muscles of your lower body to stay upright and balanced.

A proper squat is a non-impact exercise and doesn’t put any pressure on your joints or muscles, which makes them safe for just about anyone to perform, even if you have weak knees or ankles, or are very overweight. But good form is crucial when squatting so you reap the maximum benefit while avoiding injury. Read on to see how women can benefit from the perfect squat.

Tone your legs

Who doesn’t want sexy, toned legs with no equipment required? Squats are awesome for this because they work a variety of major muscle groups simultaneously – quads, calves, thighs, even your abs and obliques. Toned muscles make you stronger and give you that lean definition.

Keep your joints healthy

Squatting, with or without weight, increases blood flow to your hips and knees bringing more oxygen which improves the health of your tissues. Since your healthy joints secrete lubrication, you are less likely to develop arthritis in your hips and knees if you squat regularly. You also build the muscle up around your joints protecting them from injury.

Lift your booty

If you want a rounder, firmer bum, squats may be the key. This move helps build your glutes helping your rear appear tighter and higher. Fat tends to sag while muscles lift, so doing your daily dose of squats will help you achieve a nice, shapely booty.

Bye bye cellulite

As well as increasing blood flow to your joints, squats also get blood pumping to your thighs. Some studies have shown cellulite is caused by poor circulation as well as the buildup of pockets of fat. Performing squats can reverse the process that leads to cellulose and enhance the appearance of your hips, thighs, belly and bum.

Get a stronger core

Believe it or not, weighted squats a great for working your core. When holding weights in a squatted position, your core is engaged as you attempt to maintain stability. For a little more of a challenge, include bicep curls, overhead presses or flies to work your whole body.

Squats are a staple in our outdoor fitness groups for women. Come check us out so you can enjoy these great benefits too!

Question: Are you a squat lover? What’s your favorite lower body exercise?