You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions with every good intention of sticking with them, but somehow, come February, they seem to fall by the wayside.

Don’t be discouraged! We have the perfect resolution that is the most important one you can keep. You can vow to make it anytime and it’s simple to do, although sometimes we struggle with it the most.

Make the resolution to love yourself more, whatever that means to you.

Treat your body nicely. Give yourself space when you need it or just use kind words when speaking to yourself. Everyone is different and there is no right way to show yourself more love.
Whatever nurturing you need, give it to yourself, but in case you need a little help, here are a few truths to remember.

  • Nourish your body with delicious whole foods.
  • Move more! Stretch and strengthen your body because it’s good for your soul, not just because you want to look better.
  • Take a time out. Whether it’s having a spa day or reading a book quietly, decompress with some quiet time.
  • Use loving words when you talk to yourself.
  • Focus on all the positive things about you.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. No one is perfect, and everyone has their own struggles they are dealing with.
  • Spend more time with your friends. Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is great and a bonus mood boost if they make you laugh!
  • Spend time alone. You don’t have to say yes to every invitation that comes your way. If you’ve had an exhausting week and just want to decompress alone, give yourself permission to do so.
  • Let go of the past. If you hold on to anger, it can eat you up inside. Allow yourself to forgive and move forward.
  • Reach out more often. If you are thinking about someone, let them know about it. Chances are they have been thinking about you too.
  • Treat yourself to something you want but don’t need. Whether it’s a new purse or plane ticket, there is a fine line between saving and living.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. The ability to laugh at yourself is liberating.

These are just a few examples, but there are so many ways to show yourself some love. Once you focus on how to be kind to yourself, it will be easier to exude that positivity on the outside.