How To Find Your Happy Place

Each day do something to make you feel happy, until this becomes a habit.

– Kamari aka Lyrikal

What makes you happy?

Certainly, material things in life can make you you happy for a little while – A new outfit, a great haircut, a new love interest… For lasting happiness though, it’s best to find something intrinsic that makes you feel you and helps you maintain a great outlook on life. People who are truly happy can tell you exactly what motivates them to happiness. If you haven’t found that happy place just yet, here are some simple exercise to help you find your happy place.

What impacts your mood?

Would you believe that your general daily outlook can greatly impact your mood? It’s true. Happy people don’t create perfection in their lives in order to maintain a great mood. They do, however, learn how to successfully manage and put into perspective all of the events of their life.

Happy people choose happiness. That is to say, they choose how to feel regardless of their circumstances. It’s the classic “glass half full or glass half empty” scenario; of course, the “glass half full” outlook is ideal because it allows you to see a situation with less negativity. A less negative attitude can definitely help with creating a positive outlook.

Create a new story

Here’s an exercise for you: Think about your work environment and write down a problem that needs to be resolved. Then, try writing the problem with a different, more positive, point of view. This isn’t about changing facts. It’s about seeing the facts from a different perspective to create a better story. If you’re stressed about something, try thinking of it in terms of the benefits you may get working under pressure. If you’re workplace is filled with some toxic co-workers, think about all the people skills your building by successfully dealing with so many different personalities.

Once you have created the more positive story, ask yourself which store you’d rather hear told to you. Would you want to hear the story that is filled with negativity or the one that is colored with fun, humorous, and positive anecdotes about all the things you experience at work? Sometimes you can’t help but tell a tale that sounds of “woe is me,” because it’s human nature. But, that doesn’t mean you have to give into the temptation to be a Debbie Downer. One way to track your thoughts is to keep a journal to record your negative thoughts. Pay close attention to when you have them, the nature of them and more. You will be able to better combat negativity when you see it written out.

Find your happiness

Dedicate some time and focus to doing things that make you happy. If you have longing or passion for something you haven’t pursued before, make time to explore those options. Doing something you love creates an endless stream of happiness.

Finding your happiness doesn’t have to be some lofty, transcendental experience. It’s all about finding your passion whether that’s spending time with family, volunteering for a cause, reading a book or simply bathing in the sun. Anything that fills you with joy can be a great source of happiness for your life.

The key to happiness is being authentically you. Make time for the things you are passionate about on a regular basis, that’s the key to happiness.

Still looking for your happiness?

Another exercise for you to consider is this: Ask yourself the following questions to help you narrow your passions:

What activities do you love to do most?

How would you like to be known?

What could you talk about endlessly?

Once you begin to figure out what you love, think about how important those things are to you. Realize that you may have to re your t-prioritize your time in order to fit in your passions in life. However, if you truly love something making time for it won’t be a struggle. Figure out what you’re missing and finds time to incorporate it into your life more. It’s definitely worth it. The trade-off for your time is increased happiness.

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