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“The results make me feel happy, proud, lighter, stronger and much healthier.”

The trainers are unbelievable, supportive, motivating. They hold you accountable and challenge you like no other. “I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM!!! I keep coming back! Thanks Jaylin!

Ugh. I was a gym rat. Never again. The smells of most gyms are awful and you’re stuck inside on beautiful days. I prefer to be outside at a gorgeous park spending time with women I have grown to know and love!

I attend mornings, mostly 7:15 and Sabrina is who beats me up the most :0. She knows how to push me and motivate me all at the same time. It’s what I need. Jaylin is a breath of fresh air on Wednesday mornings. Seeing her smiling face makes my face happy! I trained with Sarah a ton back in the day – Loved every second of it and miss her SOOOO much.

I can honestly say I am a roller coaster with my weight and fitness. Right now I am so happy with my results. In just the last year, I have lost 26 lbs and who knows how many inches. I finally said goodbye to my injury weight and I will never see it again! The results make me feel happy, proud, lighter, stronger and much healthier.

The hardest part is starting. Set realistic and small goals to help you reach your big goal. Reward yourself (not with food) but with other things like a new purse or trip when you reach milestones.       

– Julie Ferneau 

“I’m so happy I found Bootique. I have lost weight before but I have never re-shaped my body.”

One of the thing I like most about boot camp is, it’s never the same. I get bored super easy so the variety helps. Plus you never know what’s coming next. I don’t love to exercise or get up early.

I do love that I have lost ten pounds and that my workout is done before my day even starts. I was so tired of beating myself up over how I looked. I needed an expert to just tell me what to do. That is exactly what I got. They have lifted my burden and I can get back to being a mom and running my own business.

I am busy enough and don’t have time to train myself, plus I don’t have the knowledge. These guys are trained and understand muscles and nutrition and how to put it all together. I’m so happy I found Bootique. I have lost weight before but I have never re-shaped my body. I have a year and three months until I turn forty and I am going for the best body of my life. So stop reading review and come join us and see for yourself.

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– Melissa W

“I have made new friends, I have more energy, and I am truly walking the walk of being healthy.”

Bootique fitness is one of a kind!

I love the fact that the workouts are never the same and Jaylin and her trainers are always challenging you to take it up a notch. Trust me 45 minutes really can do the trick:) Combo that with some of their great nutrition counseling and whoa… watch the results come alive!

I also really appreciate the accountability and camaraderie that I receive when I am working out. I know research shows that having a buddy system helps with commitment and I completely agree after becoming a part of the Bootique Fitness family. I have made new friends, I have more energy, and I am truly walking the walk of being healthy.

Thank you Jaylin, you have amazing trainers and I couldn’t be more happy to have found you guys!

– Dr Katie Fox

“I’m about 50 lbs lighter, which feels phenomenal.”

Something finally clicked with me and I realized I needed that extra push to get healthy, which is where Bootique came in. Checking in for classes keeps me accountable, and I enjoy being challenged in every class.

As a result, on top of losing inches (and weight), I’m much stronger now and more confident in myself.

I’ve developed muscle definition, and I have much more energy throughout the day. My posture, balance, and flexibility has also improved.

Bootique’s trainers are all absolutely wonderful. They set challenging, but do-able, exercises, and it’s always something different in every class. I also really like how they’re quick to provide modifications to accommodate old injuries and/or ability. Plus, they’re all just plain fun to be around.

I love the sense of community. We’re this whole network of ladies that are all here with compatible goals; we celebrate each others’ successes and support each other through rougher times.”

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– Danielle H.

“I have lost 56 lbs so far and it was a hard road at first because…”

I didn’t results for the first 6 months but after that it was as if it melted off. I am so much stronger especially in places I never thought would be strong (like my back and shoulders). Muscle aches, pains and strains happen a lot less too since my body is a lot stronger. My results over all make me so happy and it’s motivation to keep it up.

Now, I am happy all the time, I have so much energy, I am excited to go and work out, excited to push myself and to watch my body change. Before Bootique, my life didn’t have routine, I didn’t sleep well, eat well, I was less social and much less active.

The trainers are so amazing they have always been so encouraging, helping, caring and they actually know what they’re talking about. I’ve always been intimated to talk to trainers at gyms but these ladies make it a great environment to learn and not judge.

I love the Bootique community. I never thought the day I joined that I would gain a lot of love and support. There were times this year I was too busy to work out or even sick but the other ladies are what have made me go back.

With the other Bootique’ers encouragement, the trainers encouragement and the changes in your body – the great changes. It’s all a lot of positive things that have come out of working out with this great group of women.”

– Maile H

“Although it’s hard work, it’s a ton of fun as well, and I couldn’t be happier with my results!”

Debbi has lost 42 lbs and found confidence in her goals! Bootique Fitness has become my home away from home. I’m there a lot, and I like it that way. My personal training with Jaylin has been incredible…(I’m not sure I can give that up). Bootcamps with Sabrina (another amazing Trainer) are challenging, yet tons of fun and a great workout, with a group of amazing women who all support each other. Bootique is the best choice that I’ve ever made to reach my fitness goals. Although it’s hard work, it’s a ton of fun as well, and I couldn’t be happier with my results! Always looking forward to reaching my next fitness goal… Because with Bootique, I know that I will!” Check out Debbi’s featured story as Miss March 2017.

– Debbi W