May FEATURED Boot Camp Client – Melissa

Congratulations Melissa!

Melissa and her wonderful husband Chris, are blessed with two cats that are adored like children, Sammy and Tabou. Plus, they have a long standing habit of feeding six cats that are just “free loaders” outside. She and her husband love to ride Harley’s, though she parted with her own Sporty last year. No worries, she will be getting a Low Rider “Night Train” within the next couple of years. They also love to travel and scuba dive. The next dive trip will be this November to St. Lucia. At home, she loves going for runs (especially in new shoes)! Away from home, she is a Federal Court Reporter.

She grew up in the Midwest; Sterling, Illinois; about 2 hours outside of Chicago as a hard working country girl with a big extended family, mostly farmers. Her father was a State Trooper and her mother was the assistant to the Dean of Students – which means there was no messing around in her house.

She has always been very active and athletic. In fact, 12 years ago, when she broke my neck in a car accident during the time she was training for the Chicago Marathon, doctors said if it wasn’t for her being so fit, she wouldn’t be walking today.

She learned a lot from that experience. She appreciates every day that she can get up out of bed, walk, run, lift weights, surf, ride, laugh, etc… God is a big influence in her life, “He is the reason I am here to hopefully help others find their place on this path we call life. Life is precious, make the most of each day.” she says

Melissa’s Experience with Bootique Fitness

Melissa talks about how she came to workout with us and what her experience has been like in boot camp.

How long have you trained with Bootique Fitness?

I have been with Bootique Fitness since October 2010.

What results have you seen since coming to Bootique Fitness?

I have absolutely gotten a lot stronger and I have a lot more lean muscle. I am very strong now and love that feeling.

What are your reasons for sticking with Bootique Fitness all this time?

I have always enjoyed working out. I swam competitively in middle/high school, and swam on an all-boys team in high school, plus volleyball, track, softball. I love the competition and the constant change-up in the routine. I really enjoy all of the gals I have met and getting to know them. I have made some true friends.

You train with Jaylin and Ed mostly. Tell me about what that is like.

Well, Jaylin, what can you say, she is a real motivator. I love her enthusiam and her drive. She really makes you feel the power to keep going. Ed, he brings his own special something to the group. He makes you trust your strength and to push even further. Plus, they both work well together. You know when you are around good people, they bring good to them, and that is what you feel when you are around Jaylin and Ed.

What do you enjoy the most about Bootique Fitness?

I really enjoy the Friday competitions. The relays are such fun. Always fun cheering on your group and all of the girls.

Thank you Miss Melissa! We love training you!

Be sure to congratulate and celebrate Melissa when you see her at boot camp! She plays over at the Marina 6 am boot camps.

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