Congratulations Miss December!

We are proud to announce Dawn as our Featured Bootique Client!

Dawn’s an early riser by nature – and it shows as she runs to class each morning with her pup, Gracie, and is still the earliest to arrive. Each morning, she’s ready to take on whatever we throw at her… and sometimes she comes back in the evening for more! We love that kind of dedication and enthusiasm!

Ro shares: “LaDawn adds tons of energy to 6am bootcamp classes! Plus, she brings an incredibly cute cheerleader to classes with her 😉 Even though she likes to pretend like she hates wall-sits, I’m going to keep making her do them because I know she loves them.”

In LaDawn’s words:

I’m a native San Diegan, born and raised in Chula Vista. I’ve been a physical therapist for several years, and although I love my job, I look forward to retirement in the next 3-5 years. I’ve worked in every type of PT setting except pediatrics. Early in my career, I found that working with the elderly was challenging, yet extremely rewarding.

I have been with my partner Pat for over 21 years and am so very thankful she has put up with me through thick and thin!

Looking forward to working out with such an incredible, diverse group of gals gets me up early in the mornings!

My guilty pleasures are wine, whiskey, and any type of Mexican food.

And I kinda like dogs….;)