HIIT Workout for Fat Loss (BLAST AWAY BODY FAT!)

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No Equipment Needed 4 minute tabata style workouts are fantastic for fat burning HIIT workouts. Here's an added little "finisher" workout that will use every muscle in your body - in just 4 minutes! Use this after a full body workout or simply as a quickie when you really want to maximize calorie burning. Follow along with one of our [...]

5 Incredible Ways to Start Your Day

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Some of us pop right out of bed when the alarm goes off chipper and ready to face the day while others hit the snooze button 10 times before dragging ourselves out of our cozy cocoon. No matter which type of person you are, we have five fail proof morning habits that will set you up for success each and [...]

Low Impact CARDIO + ABS Workout (No Jumping, No Equipment) 

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Low Impact Cardio For Beginners! Whether you're a beginner or simply recovering from an injury or dealing with joint pain, sometimes you need a workout that doesn't involve jumping. Here's a low-impact, no jumping cardio workout for you. It's fully customizable. Each round takes 2.5 minutes so you can do it twice for a 5 minute finisher or repeat it [...]

5 Signs of Emotional Well-being

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Emotional well-being is something all of us want, but not many of us take the time to think about or work on. Good emotional balance is crucial to part of a healthy lifestyle because it can boost happiness and improve relationships. Reducing emotional stress also helps combat many physical ailments, including obesity, heart disease and digestive problems. Identifying emotions Emotional [...]

Eat More To Weigh Less

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If the standard three-meals a day isn’t working for you, whether it be because you feel hungry and find yourself snacking on empty calories all day or because you are looking for a little diversity, we have the solution for you. Turn your three meals into six! This may sound counter-intuitive but eating six mini meals each day instead of [...]

Running and Cross Training – The Perfect Pair

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Many runners are always aiming to improve. Whether it’s time or distance, or preparing for that big race, there is always that next goal they have in mind. Sometimes, injuries and overall strength can impede the potential goal of a runner. Cross-training can help improve your running and help you hit your goals sooner and without injury. Even if you [...]

Try These Healthy Activities to Spruce Up This Spring

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Spring is upon us and along with warmer weather, it’s also a great time to clean out the cobwebs and get rid of things that are no longer serving us, including that not-so-healthy lifestyle. Incorporating physical activity into each day is important to an overall healthy lifestyle, but don’t feel daunted! Physical activity is classified as anything that makes you [...]

Arms Workout Finisher for Women [Follow Along Video]

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Get Toned and Sculpted As the days get longer and the sleeves get shorter... it's ARMS season baby! Here's an added little "finisher" workout for you to tax those arms. Use this after a full body workout or simply as a quickie when you want to burn a few extra calories and focus on your arms. Follow along with one [...]