Your stomach is talking to you, but you’re smack-dab in the middle of a busy day. Office meetings, phone calls, running errands: you name it and that’s what you have to do today. So, what are you supposed to do about that rumbling in your tummy? If you didn’t pack a snack, your hunger could go from an normal pang of nature that needs to be sensibly satisfied to a detrimental choice that derails your diet for the moment. Instead of caving, use this 6 easy to get snacks you can grab while you’re out.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Oh, how good these treats can be. But who knew they could be good for you as well? Compared to all the other sweets offered at fast food drive-thrus, this one is an excellent choice. In fact, a McDonald’s Fruit and Yogurt Parfait provides you with fiber that will help you feel fuller longer. It will also stave off your hunger, thanks to the yogurt’s protein. Whatever you do, avoid the fries. We all know that McDonald’s fries can be like kyptonite. If you find that you can’t avoid them, skip McDonalds and try another drive-thru. Wendy’s and other chains usually have a fruit cup or other healthy choices as well.

Recommended serving size: 1 small snack-size McDonald’s fruit and yogurt parfait
Calories: 150

Wheat Thins and String Cheese

Don’t be fooled by the processed cheese and bleached white flour brand of crackers and cheese offered in many convenience stores. Instead, opt for a single-serve bag of crackers and a string cheese. Make sure the crackers are whole wheat. This is a great combo to help decrease your hunger and add a few nutrients to your diet for the day. The Wheat Thins offer fiber and good, whole-grain carbs, while the string cheese adds the all important element of protein to your diet.

Recommended serving size: 1 single-serve bag of Wheat Thins and 1 string cheese
Calories: 240

Yogurt Smoothie and a Banana
You can never go wrong with fresh fruit. And when you mix it with dairy, you have a delicious and filling snack. When selecting a yogurt be sure to choose a bottled yogurt smoothie blend that tops out around 100 calories. Also, scan the labels to check for fructose or high fructose corn syrup listed as one of the first ingredients. This type of refined, processed sugar will cause your blood sugar to spike, then drop suddenly; which will make you hungry much sooner than later.

Recommended serving size: 1 bottled low-fat smoothie and one banana
Calories: about 170

A Fresh Apple and Skim Milk

It’s a simple snack that can make for a great way to keep hunger at bay until you can eat a more complete meal. Apples, like most fruit, is a good source of fiber and, of course, milk provides a hosts of nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.Â

Recommended serving size: 1 medium apple and 1 8-ounce carton of skim milk
Calories: 170

Bag of Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Chocolate, you say? Yes chocolate. When you’re in the mood to just grab something soothing, yummy and chocolatey, this snack will do the trick. While pretzels aren’t a good source of anything nutritious, they are hearty enough to keep satisfy your hunger pangs while providing a little something extra; that chocolate kick that can’t be satisfied by anything othe than…well, chocolate. Don’t reach for these every time you’re hungry and on-the-go but once and a while won’t hurt you.

Recommended serving size: 1 single-serve bag of chocolate-covered pretzels
Calories: 130

Half a Wheat Bagel with Cream Cheese

You can have a bagel if you select wisely. If you’re looking for something more hearty, then swing by the bagel shop for a whole-grain bagel. Packed with fiber, it’ll fill your stomach for few hours. Be sure to stick eating just half of the bagel and not the whole thing. Add some reduced-fat cream cheese. Believe it or not, the fat cream cheese will give this snack extra lasting power.

Recommended serving size: half a bagel and 1 tbsp. reduced-fat cream cheese
Calories: 200

You’re not always going to be able to plan ahead and have a snack with you, but now you know how to choose healthier options even when you’re on the go.