Congratulations Ashley!

We are proud to announce Ashley as our Featured Boot Camp Client!

Ashley is one incredible hard working, booty shaking, daughters raising, career balancing, laughter making, strong woman!

Often times I hear mom’s say that they don’t have time to work out or take care of themselves because they are too busy with their children. Fortunately, Ashley, like many of the mom’s in our program, has recognized that it’s not only okay to take time to take care of herself – it’s the best thing she can do for her family!

In good Bootique tradition, we’ve once again recruited a would-be ‘just here for the boot camp’ over to our dance classes. In a yelp review Ashley wrote, “I never thought Zumba would be for me – I’m super self conscious and always felt I’d be too busy worrying about my lack of rhythm and dance ability to get a good workout out of it. Jaylin proved me wrong. From the first second of the first song, I was hooked. The music is fun and loud and her energy, rhythm, and choreography makes you want to come back again and again. I go as often as my schedule allows and those hours are the best of my week. It’s a fantastic workout and I’m smiling my face off the entire time. Jaylin puts all of herself into every single class and you can’t help but have a blast – I’m hooked for life!”

What would you like our community to know about you?

I didn’t find out what I wanted to do when I grew up until my early to mid-30’s when I went back to school to become a Lactation Consultant. I’ve been practicing for 2 years and absolutely love it – I constantly have to pinch myself when I realize that I get paid for such a cool job! I’d do it for free!

I have two daughters who sometimes come to Zumba with me – they both know how important exercise is to my life and I’m hoping they’ll find happiness in it as well.

I’m a native San Diegan and currently live in a house about 3 blocks from the house I grew up in – I moved away for many years for college, and then for my husband’s education, but San Diego is a hard place to stay away from.

Ashley’s Experience with Bootique Fitness

Ashley talks about how she came to work out with us and what her experience has been like in our San Diego boot camp.

How long have you been training with Bootique Fitness?

Since September of 2014.

What was your life like before Bootique Fitness?

Before starting my current career, I was mostly home with my kids – which allowed me lots of flexibility when it came to working out. When I went back to work, I promised myself that I would keep exercise a top priority – but with two kids and a job, there wasn’t much time in my day and I stopped moving as much. I was so happy to find Bootique as the early morning classes make it possible for me to get a workout in before I start my day.

What results have you seen since coming to Bootique Fitness? How do your results make you feel?

I’m definitely stronger and more have grown more comfortable pushing myself beyond my perceived limits. I have more energy and endurance. I feel great!

What is the biggest difference in your life since you started Bootique Fitness?

I look forward to workouts. I ran for years, and while I loved the feeling I got after runs, it always required a lot of effort to get out there. With Bootique, I find myself turning down other things to make classes. The bootcamp classes are always different so I don’t find myself getting bored and Zumba classes are the highlight of my week.

Tell me about your experience with the trainers.

I can’t offer enough praise for Jaylin and her trainers. Sabrina is the perfect combination of encouraging and tough – she doesn’t let me dial in a workout. She pushes me constantly and I appreciate that so much. Jaylin has proven to be so much more than a trainer – she’s a never-ending supply of support – she’s the only person on the planet who can question me about missing a workout – and rather than feeling defensive, I feel encouraged.

What do you enjoy the most about Bootique Fitness?

With Bootcamp – I enjoy the variety and being outside. Zumba – I love the energy and the music. But the best thing about Bootique is the other women, it’s nice to have faces to look forward to seeing. I hate working out alone and now I always have friends with me!

Why should other women just like you consider Bootique Fitness as their solution?

Because it’s fun and adds so much positivity to your life. It’s not just a fitness group – it’s a change in lifestyle and mindset.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just try a bootcamp or a zumba class – I promise you, you’ll be hooked for life! I’ll still be coming when I’m old(er) and gray(er).

Thank you Miss Ashley! We love training you!

Be sure to congratulate and celebrate Ashley when you see her! She usually plays at the Hillcrest personal training group classes and gets down with us at the Dance Fitness Party classes.