“FIVE Gold-en Riiiiiings!”

We are all familiar with this jingle and remember well belting it out at our childhood Christmas pageant. I never really understood why a person would give maids-a-milking, or so many birds! Therefore, here at San Diego Bootcamp, we wrote our very own version of the catchy tune, but catered it to your health needs. It is a fun way to shake things up before the holidays and keep you on track to your fitness goals despite the parties, cookies, and libations floating around this time of year.


12. Twelve extra sit-ups
11. Eleven minutes stretching
10. Ten mins. early (going to bed)
9. Nine extra squats
8. Eight cups of water
7. Seven more servings of veggies
6. Six more of fruit
5. FIVE more burpees!
4. Four workouts a week
3. Three compliments a day (to yourself or others)
2. Two more meals at home (a week)
1. One extra mile to run

Have fun with this!

Let it challenge you in a positive and constructive way. Keep us posted on your progress along the way – which is your favorite day, what was the most difficult for you, etc. Here’s to embracing the season without getting too carried away so that we ring in the New Year feeling our best!