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We are redefining what a fitness boot camp is – small group training with personalized attention and accountability to help you get incredible results – safely. Boot Camp Redefined will cut your goal time in half. You’ll burn fat, tone muscle and achieve a flat stomach all at once. I’m ready. Let’s go! →

Personal Training Elite

Crave more one-on-one attention? Not to worry, personal training is available. Tailor your routine and target specific goals with our qualified personal trainers. We’ll even come to your home and fit into your schedule. Sounds perfect. I’m in! →


Combining dance with high-energy instruction, motivational playlists and an ton of new and unique choreography. Zumba will have you dancing your weight worries away. Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape. Can’t wait. Let’s do this! →

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Thought so! Welcome to Bootique Fitness San Diego. The quickest, most enjoyable way to feel good in your body.

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What Makes Us Different?

We are here to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Whether that be finding your perfect weight, perfecting a push up, making new friends, getting stronger, or beating a personal best, our experienced staff is ready to guide and support you.
  • Zumba Is Included Free With Our Training Memberships
  • More Than A 25 Group Fitness Classes A Week
  • Over 100 5 Star Reviews On Yelp
  • Private Motivational Coaching
  • Personal Nutrition Coaching
  • Monthly Accountability And Progress
  • Safe For All Fitness Levels
  • Complimentary Workout Videos
  • Group and Individual Personal Training

What Everyone’s Saying

I was so tired of beating myself up over how I looked. I needed an expert to just tell me what to do. That is exactly what I got…These guys are trained and understand muscles and nutrition and how to put it all together. I’m so happy I found them.
Melissa G, on Boot Camp
Jaylin and the other trainers at Bootique Fitness are all amazing and inspiring. I hadn’t done any formal training or classes in about 3 years. I started in Sept 2012, and have loved them ever since! These workouts are the perfect solution for me and my busy schedule, because the workouts are both fast (you work out your whole body & get cardio done within an hour) and super effective. If you are looking for a fun, hard, and efficient way to get back into your skinny jeans, or hit whatever fitness goals you have, sign up for Bootique’s boot camps! And Zumba!
Kanani M, on Boot Camp
Jaylin takes this seriously, and what I love about Bootique Fitness is that I am not a number, or a check etc. They know my name, they reach out to me, and they help me come up with workout plans when I am on the road for my job. They give me my money’s worth and I am forever grateful. They really do care about your success.
Janet D, on Boot Camp
It’s the ideal workout: knowledgeable motivating trainers, effective, fun workouts at fabulous locations. Background: I’ve done a lot of functional fitness training in small groups with personal trainers…but it’s been a few years. I tried Bootique Fitness on the recommendation of a friend and decided to sign up after the first session. Positives: Trainers who are knowledgeable, incredibly motivating and they care. The women in all the classes also have the same positive attitudes, pushing and supporting each other with no judgment about what those around them can or can’t do. Great outdoor locations. Very personalized attention for members which is unheard of from typical boot camps. I have found out how well Jaylin, Ed and now Sarah work with people with different strength abilities, injuries, etc.
Kendra L, on Boot Camp
Seriously, this was the best Zumba® class I have ever taken. The music was all upbeat, the moves were not complex but targeted all the right body parts, and the atmosphere was cozy.
Nikki G, on Zumba
Bootique Fitness is the real deal for any woman trying to better herself. It is a very fun and rewarding atmosphere. Absolutely worth every penny.
Jamah D, on Boot Camp
The thing about Jaylin is that she always creates a really safe space for you to have fun, not feel judged, and work at your own level. That was the most distinguishing factor about her Boot Camp, and it’s carried through to this Zumba class too. The enthusiasm is infectious; it really is more like being at a party than exercising.
Jessica P, on Zumba