3 Plants that Burn Up Body Fat!

How perfect would it be if the food you ate not only tasted delicious, but also burned fat in your body? This dream is reality for many people who choose a plant-based diet. We’ve picked a few of our favorite plants to share that are not only delicious, but do your body and heart plenty of good.


Already a crowd pleaser, we’re happy to say that avocados are at the top of our list! You’ve probably heard that avocados contain healthy fats, but what does this mean? Avocados are made up of the good stuff – monounsaturated fats, which not only help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood but also prevent the blood sugar spikes that trigger your body to store excess calories as fat. Next time you eat a bagel, try substituting your cream cheese spread with avocado. Yum!

Black Beans

Beans are so darn good at satisfying hunger that it’s hard to believe they’re burning fat in the process. Although black beans don’t have the healthy fats that avocados leverage, black beans have their own way of burning fat. Because they have such a low glycemic index, black beans are able to metabolize fatty acids instead of letting them collect and expand. Next time you order a burrito, don’t forget the beans!


Almonds contain monounsaturated fats, leading to the same cholesterol and fat reducing benefits as avocados. We love substituting regular milk for almond milk, plus there are some really tasty almond based cheeses and ice creams out there. Unlike regular milk, almond milk does not have cholesterol or saturated fat.

When you eat fiber-rich foods, your liver needs to make lots of bile to process them completely, using up those pesky stored fat cells in the process. The foods mentioned above are not only high in fiber but they contain fewer calories than it takes to digest them. Of course, we do not recommend limiting your diet to only these foods, but we think they are an excellent compliment to a healthy meal or perfect as a healthy snack.

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