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Habit Based
Nutrition Coaching


Why Bootique for Habit Based Nutrition Coaching?

Everyone knows that losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. Bootique Fitness is here to help! We help you to create clear and simple lifestyle adjustments based on your life and what you enjoy.

  • Continue eating the foods you enjoy
  • Join with others walking the same path
  • Get personalized support from a professional
"Since starting this course, I lost 10 lbs! I can't even believe how easy it was.

I loved the fact that I was educated on a sustainable way to improve my relationship with food. I liked that it wasn’t a fad diet."
Dina P
"I enjoyed the nutrition coaching. I lost about 5 pounds. And I really think about how I eat. So major change there. I liked the habit app and your videos. The videos were interesting to watch and informative. The app held me accountable. Lastly, it worked great. It didn’t take too much time which I like."
Patrice B

What is Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching?

It is the art of focusing on the small things to accomplish the big things.

Instead of just setting SMART goals and hoping you’ll achieve them, we work together to break down your big goals, the outcomes you really want to achieve, into small, simple actions you can take every day that will get you to where you want to be.

By focusing on one new practice at a time, you’ll develop sustainable, enjoyable routines that become part of the new you, permanently.

Why choose a habit-based approach?


“I know I should. I just never actually do.”

How many times have you said that?

When it comes to making changes, taking action is more important than collecting information.

No matter how much information you collect, or how much you think about making changes, only consistent, daily action creates change.

Daily actions create Habits.

Habits help you:

  • learn new health-supporting skills
  • use those skills in your daily life
  • increase your self-confidence
  • move confidently towards your big goals

The goal of this Precision Nutrition Coaching program is simple:

Help you get into the best shape of your life and give you the habits and skills you need to stay that way, regardless of any challenges you encounter in life.

With our nutrition coaching you will:

As a result, you will:


"I really enjoyed the nutrition program. I definitely learned a lot about my eating habits and after the month have seen a difference in the way I’m feeling as well as the way my clothes fit!"

Wendy S

"I’m definitely eating more slowly than I used to, and feeling fuller for longer. I like that it is straightforward and incremental in its steps. It really does everything to set you up for success."

Danielle S

Live the life you want and do the things you’ve always wanted to do:


…Move forward throughout your day with the strength of mind and body, able to tackle any obstacle without the fear of low energy or fatigue.

…Play actively with children or grandchildren free of pain or loss of breath or lack of energy, then do it all again day after day.

…Enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror and in pictures.

…Eat food without feeling guilt or self-sabotage.

We work closely with you to achieve the goals you have in a way that works for you, regardless of the circumstances that you might view as obstacles.

We offer a personal approach to healthy lifestyle change, one in which we support and stay with you the entire way, in person, online, and by phone to make sure that you have every tool, every bit of information, and all the support you need to live your best life physically, mentally, and emotionally.


The program includes:


1. A Science-based structured program to help keep you consistent.

2. An expert coach to give you support, feedback, make adjustments help keep you accountable and cheer you on.

3. Daily practices that fit into your lifestyle so you can take action and experience positive changes right away.

4. Strategic new habits to address the areas you want to improve in every aspect of your life. The program doesn’t just address food and fitness. You’ll also strengthen your emotional and mental health to engage and celebrate every aspect of life.

5. An incredible community – Change is hard. Life gets nutty… it’s helpful to know you’re not alone. Through group coaching and a private Facebook group, the collective experiences, victories, struggles, triumphs and breakthroughs will help you incorporate the wisdom and achievements of others to help you achieve more of your own. With our support, you will succeed.


28 Day Intro to Nutrition Course for Weight Loss


*Must complete the 28 Day Intro to Nutrition Course first.


Traditional nutrition coaching teaches  that you must use willpower or sticking to strict diet.

We’ll teach you how to find the foods that you already enjoy which are right for you to get you where you want to be in your life.

No counting calories. No food limitations.

We use a scientific approach that shows you how to properly view foods as fuel, which encourages you to recognize your body’s signals, and incorporates routines that keep you in control of food, rather than the other way around.

We begin with small changes, individually adjusting lifestyle habits so that you won’t get overwhelmed or feel deprived, then chain together these small adjustments at your own pace to eventually produce a larger lifestyle shift that you have managed yourself.

These routines will become second nature that creates the life changing results that you want without the extreme adjustment periods that lead to failure.

This program is not a rapid change, 2 week makeover. It is a lifestyle change. The adjustments you make to your routines and choices are commitments to ways in which you can enjoy your life more completely without the loss of things you enjoy.

Like all changes, there will be an adjustment period, but these changes will be at your own pace. Each day will give you an opportunity to work these changes into your lifestyle until they become part of your new every day routines. And as you do, you will see results in the form of lost inches, increased vitality, improved mood, and an overall positive outlook on your own life and your place in it.

This system is for women who want to change their life for good, to get fit, improve their outlook and live their best life permanently. If that is you, then this is for you.

This is for you if:

You want to make changes but don’t know where to begin.

You’re overwhelmed by all the inconsistent fitness advice online.

You have a plan, but have trouble staying on track.

You are done with dieting, which you never stick with for very long anyway.

You have had fitness success, but always end up back at square one after a while.

You want professional assistance with managing your goals and efforts.

You want continuous support to help you maintain your forward momentum.

You are committed to yourself and your life.

You have realized that crash diets and quick fixes are not good for you.

You are tired of temporary results that often leave you worse off than when you started.

You have a busy life with multiple responsibilities.

Yes? Then our habit-based nutrition coaching program is a great fit for you.