If you have tried Zumba

you know that it takes just one class and you are hooked for life. If you haven’t, stop making excuses and get your hips and booty shaking over to the next available class (you’ll thank me later)!

Zumba is a cardio-based fitness class

that combines Latin rhythm with high energy dance movements to get your heart pumping, your endorphins flying, and your unwanted calories to melt away. All of this while enjoying yourself to a variety of sexy salsa, reggaeton, and merengue tunes that leave you wanting to shake and shimmy what your mama gave you.

Our clients love our Zumba classes!

However, because this is a high-impact activity, you want to be sure that you are still treating your muscles with gentle, loving care. There is a lot of twisting, turning, shaking, jumping, shimmying, and other quick movements in Zumba choreography (ah, and they are all so much fun!) that can be rough on your knee and hip joints. The easiest way to ensure that you don’t end up with injuries is to invest in a decent pair of shoes specifically for Zumba.

There are actually a few very important aspects that go into picking out a shoe that will keep you from having to get knee replacement surgery and although shoes do get spendy, trust me when I say it will be cheaper then a visit to the surgeon.

What’s the best shoe for Zumba?

There are a few slight requirements that must not be ignored when choosing a pair of sneakers for Zumba class. First and foremost, be sure that they have good shock absorption and are light enough to allow you the range of movement needed. They must be supportive with little traction. Try to find something with a smooth bottom, lateral support, and if you can, a shoe with shock cushion. There are a lot of  ‘dance-fitness’ or ‘dance-aerobic’ shoes out there that meet the high-maintenance needs of a Zumba shoe.

What it comes down to, is that you are going to have to really try quite a few pairs of shoes to see what fits best for you. I have provided you with the guidelines, now it’s up to you to find the glass slipper that fits. Only if there were a Zumba shoe trial program out there. Below is a list to get your shoe searching started. These are shoes that have gotten a good wrap in the Zumba world and just might work perfectly for you.

  • Nike Musique Series
  • Nike Zoom Sister
  • Nike Zoom Quick Sister
  • Nike Shox
  • Ryka Shoes
  • Capezio Dance Shoes
  • Puma Zumba Shoes (How well does that name go together?)
  • Adidas Zumba Shoes

Now that you have the tools you need, come party with us at our Zumba San Diego Classes