Zumba San Diego Video – Goin’ In by Jennifer Lopez

Zumba San Diego Video – Goin’ In by Jennifer Lopez

Goin’ In by Jennifer Lopez Zumba video

I love how our Zumba classes get excited as they hear this song start playing. It starts off light and slow… kind of makes you think it’s going to be an easy song… but watch out – this song picks up!

Zumba classes have different levels of intensity for different fitness levels

This song is a good example of the different levels of intensity you can choose to dance to. As a Zumba instructor, I’ll show you light intensity and high intensity ways to move to the music. It’s up to you as to what level you want to dance at. In class, you’ll see people dancing at all different levels – it doesn’t matter how you dance – just as long as you’re having fun!

More San Diego Zumba Videos

We’re building up quite a library of our Zumba dance routines. You can find them in the Zumba Videos link.

Dance with us at our Zumba classes in San Diego

Get the schedule and details on our Zumba page. You’re first class is only $5.

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